9 Best Titanium Sporks for Outdoor Use

9 Best Titanium Sporks

Is it a spoon? Is it a fork? No, it’s a Spork! Titanium is known for its great strength, corrosion resistance, and lightweight, which makes the Spork a valuable asset around feeding time. Even just holding the Titanium Spork in your hand, you can feel its power. It is perhaps the greatest gastronomic invention. Hunger, beware - your end is near. Are you frustrated by the burden of carrying a specific utensil for every food medium and are you looking for something versatile, something light? If you are looking for the best camping utensils reviews, then you are in the right place!

Today the combination cutlery is a popular choice with backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts as a piece of gear that saves space and weight. Various companies offer their hybrid utensil products in numerous different materials such as titanium, stainless steel, silver, aluminum, and polycarbonate plastic. The spork, (or is it a foon?) has had quite the identity crisis on its journey to the multifunctional piece of gear that it is today.

What to Look for


Consider how it feels in the hand, how it feels on the eyes, in the soul. It should be elegant. It needs to have clean, sleek edges, balanced weight and appropriate heft without feeling fragile. The comfort of your utensils can have a major effect on your emotional state. When buying comfortable cutlery, begin with materials. Titanium Sporks are thick enough to hold comfortably and have a mouth-pleasing texture.


You wouldn’t want your Spork to bend during a heavy meal! The Spork needs to have structural integrity. Metal will not melt or snap, but can bend.


The clever design should allow for full use as a fork, spoon, and even a knife. When considering a Spork for purely utilitarian purposes, look for a design that separates the spoon and fork entirely.

So, what is the best titanium spork? You ask. It's really hard to tell so we tried and tested over 50 sporks available in the market. Here's our best spork review for our top picks:

9 Best Titanium Sporks

C.R.K.T. Eat 'N Tool Review

Eat 'N Tool is the brainchild of New York City designer Liong Mah. At first glance it looks like the familiar spoon/fork "Spork" combination, but Liong has used his ingenuity and computer-aided design skills to create a lightweight, high-tech outdoor tool.

The Eat’N Tool is a high-tech spoon, fork, bottle opener, screwdriver/pry tip, and metric wrench with a carry carabiner. The right side of the handle is ground to provide an emergency screwdriver blade, which will also work as a pry for opening canisters.

That said, it is the best backpacking spork you'll ever have and certainly you won't regret buying.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fits nicely in a pocket
  • Carabiner makes it a snap to attach the Eat'N Tool to a pack strap, daisy chain or belt loop
  • Function as multitool


  • Spoon isn’t deep

Put them to use. Easily enjoy a meal or make an emergency fix on the trail! And since it functions as a multitool, we name it as the best survival spork.

Ninja Prepper Yari Titanium Spork Review

The Yari Titanium Spork weighs less than 20 grams and includes a paracord lanyard. The Spork has an integrated bottle opener on the opposite end. The single piece of stamped titanium is strong enough to stand up to scooping ice cream, bouncing around in a pack, or opening bottles all night.

The carabiner is titanium with a chrome steel spring loaded clasp. It has a three position wrench in a position to loosening common bolt sizes. The carabiner has been laser etched with a metric ruler on reverse side useful for making a quick measurement. Also, this is the best lightweight spork we found on the market.


  • Amazingly strong and light Titanium Spork
  • Versatile Carabiner with wrench and small ruler
  • Combined Carabiner and Spork weigh 32 grams
  • Bottle opener built into handle of Spork


  • -

Yari is a high-end camping and survival product designed to be durable and extremely lightweight while still stacking functions to become a multi-purpose tool.

TOAKS Titanium Folding Spork Review

The TOAKS titanium folding spork comes with matte finish and a storage sack. The movable bar is used to lock the handle open. The crossbar between the two "rail" extensions on the spork is a stabilizing and locking device.

It is compact and light so it's good for minimalist campers. Despite being light, it is durable enough to withstand the toughest of conditions in the wilderness.

This is the best folding spork we ever had.


  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Perfect for backpacking


  • User needs to master folding and locking the spork

Vargo Titanium Spork Review

The Vargo Titanium Spork is dubbed by many as “the perfect” Spork that no Ultralight backpacker should be without! It comes with an extra wide bowl for better eating. It’s available in natural, blue, yellow, and lavender colors & the colors help prevent from being lost and make it easy to know which Spork is yours.

It’s made of ultra-lightweight titanium and combines the functionality of a spoon and a fork into a single backcountry utensil. The durable spork has a 6.5” length while weighing just 0.1 lbs!

This is one of the best backpacking eating utensils in the market!


  • Several colors to choose from
  • Made of pure titanium
  • Biocompatible
  • One of the lightest, strongest pieces of cutlery available


  • Color wears off after several use

Weighing in at almost a third of an ounce, the Vargo Titanium Spork - ULV (U.ltra L.ight V.ersion) is one of the lightest pieces of cutlery available. It is fully polished to look and feel great!

Snow Peak Titanium Spork Review

What do you get when you cross a lightweight titanium spoon with a lightweight titanium fork? The ultimate eating utensil for your backpacking adventures! Twice the weight savings—not only is titanium light, but you only need to carry a single utensil cutting the weight on your pack even further. Titanium leaves no metallic smell or taste and will not rust.

Unlike other sporks, this one has a slightly deep spoon area which can scoop food and even soups! You can also cut the food using the curved side.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


  • The colored versions wear off

It is light enough to avoid being burdensome, while still solid enough to remind you that you are not eating with a toothpick. The titanium is strong and nearly impossible to damage. Finally, the smooth finish makes it exceptionally easy to clean.

Light My Fire Titanium Spork Review

The perfectly designed outdoor eating utensil, this light, strong spoon-fork-knife combo brings a bit of civilization to the wild for your trailside meals. It's light, strong, nontoxic, noncorrosive, nonmagnetic and hypoallergenic. Its stout, balanced design not only gets the job done, but its swooped handle and ergonomic contours feel balanced and capable in the hand.

The design is unique. Normal sporks offer a semi-usable spoon-with-stubby-tines design. The Light My Fire model has the requisite “spork parts” — spoon and fork tines — but unlike a traditional spork, it puts one utensil head on either end, granting full utensil usage as you can switch hit during a meal.


  • Lightweight
  • Heat resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No metallic taste


  • Bends easily

Bonus: The Spork has a small serrated edge on the outside fork tine. You can cut food into manageable bites with this edge, adding perhaps a rare flare of civility to a backcountry feast. The Spork is perfect for your backpack, boat, picnic basket, lunch box, purse or briefcase.

Sea to Summit Alpha Light Spork Review

Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy makes the Sea To Summit Alpha Light Utensils worthy of your gourmet camp cooking. Lightweight and completely durable, the Alpha Light Utensils even include integrated hex tools for stove maintenance and a carabiner for storage and organization. They have made the packaging recyclable.

For us, this is the best spork for backpacking and one of the best lightweight sporks too.


  • Made from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum alloy that is hard anodized for excellent durability
  • Includes a small accessory carabiner
  • Smooth matte finish
  • One of the lightest metal cutleries on the market


  • Sharp edges
  • Short tines

It is competitively priced, and an excellent investment for anyone committed to ultralight backpacking and mountaineering.

TOAKS Titanium Spork Review

The TOAKS Titanium Spork is strong, pleasant to use, and weighs virtually nothing. The prongs of the spork are substantial enough to work as a fork, but aren’t hard on the mouth when it’s used as a spoon. Great lightweight spork with a matte finish.

This TOAKS Titanium Spork is the best camping spork we ever had.


  • Matte finish
  • Lightweight


  • -

Vargo Titanium Eagle Spork Review

Are you looking for the best travel spork? The Vargo Titanium Eagle Spork comes with a handy locking mechanism that can attach to the outside of your backpack or other areas for easy access when hiking. The tines are a little bit sharper and longer than other sporks we featured here. It is strong enough to cut some meat on you camping meals. The clip on the handle is too narrow so you can't attach this spork to just any thing.


  • Matte finished handle for great gripping
  • Polished tip for smooth eating
  • Biocompatible


  • It's a little sharp


An ultimate backpacking utensil, the titanium sporks' versatility means you can use it as a fork or a spoon. Why bring twice the items when you can bring one functional tool for the task? Grab one for yourself now!

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