About Wyatt Maktrav

Wyatt Maktrav - Nomad Since Birth

Wyatt Maktrav (born July 31, 2012), is a Filipino hiker and traveler - nomad since birth. At 8 months, he experienced his very first hiking and camping activity at Pico de Loro. His parents are both hikers so Wyatt Maktrav was exposed to outdoors at an early age.

At first, his parents just tried it to see what will be Wyatt's reaction with nature. Fortunately, he showed interest to what his parents are doing. Since then, their family bonding is going outdoors, specifically hiking and camping.

Wyatt Maktrav has been featured in many notable sites. Among those are Rappler, Philippine Star, Smart Parenting and many more. He also appeared on several local TV shows in the Philippines - Tapatan ni Tunying, Kasangga Mo ang Langit, and Matanglawin.

What's with the name "Wyatt Maktrav"?

Wyatt is a common name in some countries, but where did "Maktrav" came from? Mountain climbers in the Philippines are familiar with this because Maktrav is a shortened name for "Mt. Makiling Traverse" - one of the famous climbing destinations here in the Philippines.

Okay, so why did his parents name him after that mountain?

Wyatt's mother was still active on climbing mountains and she was running on the trail while traversing Mt. Makiling without knowing that she's already pregnant during that time. Thankfully, the baby is strong and nothing bad happened. Mt. Makiling is also one of the favorite mountains of Wyatt's parents.

The first name "Wyatt" has a story too. His parents did a research of the name meaning and they've found out that Wyatt means strong and brave. It reflects Wyatt's personality up to this date.

Mountains Hiked

Wyatt has climbed several mountains in the Philippines including the top 4 highest mountains here - Mt. Apo, Mt. Dulang-Dulang, Mt. Pulag and Mt. Kitanglad, and some other well-known mountains in other countries like Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia, Mt. Fansipan in Vietnam, Mt. Fuji in Japan, Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia, and Mt. Hallasan in South Korea. Currently, he has climbed more than 70 mountains already, some of which are major ones that require multi-day hike. Wyatt Maktrav really enjoys nature so when at home, he often tell his parents "I want to go to the mountain" or "I want camping."

Wyatt Maktrav - Nomad Since Birth

About the Site and the Editor


You may be wondering who is the editor of this site since Wyatt Maktrav is still a little kid. Well, it's none other than me, Kaila Sharlene, the mother of Wyatt Maktrav.

A little bit about myself

I am a versatile freelance web developer/designer, SEO specialist and a rockstar virtual assistant. I worked for many clients through Upwork and built many websites. One day, I told myself, "I helped countless clients to make their sites beautiful, responsive and user friendly. Why can't I make my own?

I started gathering ideas and thinking of what niche has an appeal for me before I purchase a domain and hosting. Since I started compiling Wyatt Maktrav's adventure photos on a free WordPress platform, I thought that it would be better if I will create a site related to it. Also, I can easily write content about outdoors because it's our passion. Hence, wyattmaktrav.com was born.

What to expect on this site

From time to time, I'll be sharing some of our experiences in the mountains, tips and advice for parents who want to bring their kids to mountains and some outdoor gear reviews. I am also open to any topic ideas that are related to outdoor activities.