Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 Tent Review

Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 Tent Review

Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 Tent Review

The Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 is a versatile tent by its own right, one that you can use for at least 3 seasons and still enjoy a high utility value. If you are a beginner hiker who likes going for the hiking activities with friends and family, then this tent will offer you a high functionality rate. In other words, based on my experience it is a good choice for both the seasoned hiker and those who are just starting out. The one thing that I realized about this tent is that its design can suit a variant of needs. Above all, it is sold at a pocket friendly price-and so; you will never dent your bank account in order to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity.

Why make Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 your choice?

It can sometime be quite difficult to choose a tent that will best meet your unique needs. However, if you understand basics then process becomes as simple as counting 123. On my side, the choice of this tent was based on a number of issues. Firstly, I looked at the quality of material used to make it and saw that it was good. Secondly, it was offering great features that I couldn’t resist. Last but not least, with this tent comes flexibility in regard to color choice and anything in this line.

Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 Tent Review

I would begin by saying that features of Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 tent can only be compared with the best on the market place. It comes with mesh walls and this is something that guarantees better ventilation and aeration. I cannot remember any day that our tent felt stuffy nor had bad odor hanging around. This is a plus for any camper who likes to sweat it out while out there in the wild. If you are camping during muggy summer nights, there is no better choice than this one.

Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 Tent

Base Size

4'8 x 7'2

Vestibule Depth


Center Height


Vestibule Area

17 sq. ft.

Tent Area

33 sq. ft.

Trail Weight

5 lbs. 7 oz.

Total Weight

5 lbs. 15 oz.

Packed Size

6.5" x 22"

Pole Diameter

8.5 mm



It is equally important to note that with a full-coverage fly was quite pleasing to me. This is because I knew that in case of storms I’m well protected. I have been out there on several occasions where the weather proved to be quite unpredictable. In order to counter any bad climatic condition I had to purchase this tent, fast. Furthermore, with the clips that are easy-to-use even in the darkest of hours I knew that assembling the tent will not be a problem at all. I was right, because the moment we arrived at the mountain top it only took us a few hours and we were done.

Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 Tent Review

If you are having issues with the moisture content, you are guaranteed that sealed fly will do a good job. The large zippers on the door were great too and I knew from the word go they could stand seasons of abuse. If the extra-guy outs are anything to go by, then Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 stands tall amongst those that fall in the same category. The well designed extra guy-outs will always help protect the tent from any major wind issues. In fact, with these you are sure to get the best possible results.

The large vestibule areas will not only offer extra cushion against harsh weather elements, but at the same time offer users a large storage area. If you are the kind of person who finds it difficult to get organized, you should consider this tent as the space is always more than enough. For the very first time in my camping escapades, I was able to have enough storage for my gear and other related items. I’m grateful that it offers exactly what it promises. You can’t imagine being squeezed in a small tent with inadequate storage facilities. If this happens, then you adventure will always be disastrous which shouldn’t be the case in anyway.

The high quality mesh pockets are something that came in handy to stay organized at all times. Thanks to the designers of such a beautiful tent that helped us enjoy camping to the fullest. The finer details of this tent are also worth commenting, as this is the only way you can tell if the tent suits you or not.

Finer details

The Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 covers floor space of 33sq ft and comes with some of the best floor dimensions -56x86inch. The vestibule space is 17sq ft, while the interior height averages 41”. As a matter of fact, a trail weight of 5Ibn 6oz is not bad at all. And with pole material of 7000 aluminum series you can always expect to have a much sturdier tent with you. At the end of the day, it is all about having the best possible quality at pocket friendly prices.

I have always been a fun of quality tents, and for sure Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 falls in this category.

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