Alps Mountaineering Mystique 2 Tent Review

Alps Mountaineering Mystique 2 Tent

Alps Mountaineering Mystique 2 Tent Review

There are times that tents really determine the outcome of any particular outdoor venture. In the few years I have been camping, I’m quite lucky to have owned a number of tents. I can testify to the fact that some of these tents were great in so many ways; however, some were really bad - if I may say, not worth the amount I had spent. All said and done, I really appreciate that I came across the Alps Mountaineering Mystique 2, of which is quite a reliable tent from whatever angle you can look at it. Needless to say, my family really had a great time while out there in the wild. I did not worry about the weather, either.

Why I prefer Alps Mountaineering Mystique 2?

This great tent is articulately designed for 2 people, and it can also withstand harsh weather patterns. I’m glad that the manufacturers put quality over everything else. To begin with, this tent offers users great UV protection with its fly out protection. It comes with PU coated polyester floor that is versatile in so many ways. I remember very well that I never had any problem with soggy floor, and to this day I can still use the tent in spring or autumn. I was a little bit hesitant at first thinking that it could take a while before we pitch tent, but luckily this was not the case at all. We followed the instructions and in a little while we were able to pitch the tent properly.

Alps Mountaineering Mystique 2 Tent

The poles are sturdier than most of the tents that fall in the same range-7000 series high quality aluminum poles are what you really need as a camper. It is equally important for you to know that with this type of tent, you never have to worry about personal space. As a matter of fact, we found that the two vestibules helped us get organized while camping out there. Importantly, the tent doors were of good height and never struggled going in and out. I remember sometime back, I had used a tent that had minimal space and very small doors. I had to bend so low to get into the tent, and the next thing I knew is that I had developed back problems. However, with the Alps Mountaineering Mystique 2 you can never encounter such kind of problems.

Alps Mountaineering Mystique 2 Tent

Base Size

5' x 8'

Tent Area

32 sq. ft.

Center Height


Vestibule Depth






Tent & Fly Weight

4 lb. 11 oz.



Packed Size

5.75 " x 18"

Total Weight

5 lb. 6 oz.

The internal mesh storage pockets are also ideal for storing all kinds of small gear. Also, the guy lines and aluminum stakes makes this model stand head and shoulder above many on the market. The fact that it weighs an average of 4 pounds and 11 ounces makes it quite light. I never had any problem to carry it around as we moved to the summit of the mountain. This is one of the reasons why I have always recommended this tent for backpackers and hikers alike. If you are going out there camping with a buddy or your fiancé, look no further!

Alps Mountaineering Mystique 2 Tent


The materials used in making this tent are great too, you are guaranteed of at least 3 seasons before you see any signs of wear and tear. It comes with a double wall making it quite ideal for those who want to remain in safer environment. It also uses the highest quality of materials including polyester taffeta - and so, you will always have a sense of peace that your money wasn’t wasted on bogus tents. Additionally, with an ideal clip and sleeve pole attachments, pitching the tent is pretty easy. I remember doing it fast and effectively with the confidence of a seasoned hiker. Last but not least, with the Alps Mountaineering Mystique 2, you get a floor space of 32 sq ft and adequate protection from fully taped seams.

The tent comes with so many benefits that you can enjoy, it is of pretty good quality, and can stand the test of time. In fact, the stash pockets have been professionally done which is a plus for hikers. Overall, this makes placing a headlamp easier, as compared to others that have no such features.

If you are a professional hiker, then you can find it easier to pitch tent. However, if you are new to hiking, you will need help. The only problem I had is that the tent is not free standing, so you have to struggle with a number of things that you are not used to.

If you are going to camp in a very windy area, this is one might not be the best of options. You will really find it pretty difficult to set it up and also you might end up repeating the set up procedures. If you are not patient enough, then you will really have it rough.

Have you decided to buy Alps Mountaineering Mystique 2 Tent?

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