Baguio: Blue Mountain Hotel Review

As the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City is a sure destination spot for a lot of tourists, especially local tourists mainly because of the weather. And with so many places to go and visit, you can easily find cheap places to stay in. One place we came across was Blue Mountain Hotel.

Blue Mountain Hotel Experience


Actually, if you're passing through Marcos Highway on your way to Baguio City, you'll find it right away before even entering the city proper. It may not be located in the city proper but it's just 20 minutes away. It's also very accessible to jeepneys and taxis passing by since it's right on the main highway. That said, it can be noisy during peak traffic hours. What I loved about the location is that there’s a 7-Eleven store nearby where we buy food and other stuffs.

It's a small building and, honestly, I'd rather call it more an inn rather than a hotel. The rates are very cheap. If you get a room in the basement, it's even cheaper but we didn't get the chance to book a basement room because it's already fully booked and we prefer room with windows.


Entering the hotel was like entering into a doctor's office. White tiled floors and simple waiting area right by the small front desk up front. Despite entering into a small and simple waiting area, the staff was pretty accommodating and quite understanding that we traveled quite a distance and that we needed to be checked-in immediately. They also had a dining area with a water station. They said if we ever needed a wider place to eat in—especially if we had more company coming—we can eat at the dining area.

The great thing I loved about the hotel is the rooftop. It has a garden up top with pots of flowers and also great wooden chairs to sit and relax. It has a beautiful view of the mountains on one side and the main highway on the other.

Baguio Blue Mountain Hotel Review


For a cheap place, you'd expect to enter a room worth the money you paid for, and sure enough, you do. The room was pretty plain and empty with just a huge queen-sized bed (on our first stay) and 3 single beds (on our second stay). There’s a table, a pair of chairs and a clothes' rack in the room. It also has an old television with cable TV and the wifi connection was pretty nice.

Though it was practically empty, the room is very clean and well-maintained. The bed was alright – it was just the right kind of comfort since the bed only had thin clean sheets and a 2-inch foam padding. The bathroom was very simple and quite tight. It's a completely white tiled bathroom with a heated shower, a toilet, and a sink. With such a cheap price to pay, they don't provide any toiletries.

The rooms upstairs have huge windows and our room has a good view of the mountain side of Baguio City that we were able to enjoy so much. The simple room was wide so we had enough space to put our stuff and also enough space for my son to run around.

Food and dining

The hotel has its own mini restaurant and there isn’t much food selection either. But that's not much of a problem since the ground floor of the building has a Korean restaurant and a Chinese restaurant too. Across the street is a Pizza Hut and beside the hotel, there's a 711, and another 24/7 Korean restaurant. There are plenty of shops around too where you can buy some of the stuffs you need. If you do want to eat at the city proper, you can simply get a jeep right in front of the hotel going to there.