Batangas: Chateau Royale Resort Review

Chateau Royale Review

Wyatt Maktrav enjoying the sand in Chateau Royale's wave pool.

I've been seeing online deals of Chateau Royale for a very long time and I really want to bring my family there. It was only last week when I decided to buy one, just in time for our another rappelling activity in Mt. Talamitam Nasugbu, Batangas. Chateau Royale is just 16 km away from there, so I thought that it's a good place to stay for the night. 

Chateau Royale Resort Experience


Chateau Royale is located in Nasugbu, Batangas - along the main road so it's very easy to find. But unlike other beaches and resorts in Nasugbu, Chateau Royale is not so far from Tagaytay proper. It is just a few minutes away from Twin Lakes so you can go out anytime if you want to eat outside the resort or if you need to buy something. 

Chateau Royale Playground

Wyatt Maktrav playing in the playground while waiting for the check-in time.

Check-in and Check-out Time

The standard check-in time in Chateau Royale is 2:00 pm and the check-out time is 12:00 nn. We arrived around 10:30 am and I asked at the receptionist if we can have an early check-in. Unfortunately, they said that early check-in is not allowed even though there are so many vacant rooms. So we just roam around Chateau Royale while waiting for the check-in time.

I've got a Metrodeal voucher worth PhP 2,888 for an overnight stay, good for 2 pax. When I filled up the form upon checking in, I was asked for an additional PhP 1,500 weekend surcharge. Okay, I was surprised! Although it's written on the Metrodeal site that there is a surcharge, I didn't expect it to be that big amount. They should've been transparent on their so-called "deal". That's a total of PhP 4,388! Take note, there is no breakfast included on that amount. Apparently, their "deal" was very misleading.

I saw a posted promo in the reception area. They have a package worth PhP 4,888 for an overnight stay and same inclusions like the one on the Metrodeal promo, but this one has an included breakfast for 2, and a 300-peso consumable voucher on the restaurant. Comparing the price, it's just a 500-peso difference so I asked them if I can just convert my Metrodeal voucher to this one. After several minutes of talking to different people, they finally approved my request.

Chateau Royale Log Cabin Room

Our bed inside the Log Cabin Room.

Log Cabin Room

We booked the Chateau Royale's Log Cabin Room which has a double bed, just good enough for us (2 adults and 1 child). The maximum occupants in the room is 2 adults and 2 children. The room is very spacious, with closets and lots of cabinets. There is a television, electric kettle and telephone inside the room.

Adding to unfortunate experience we have in Chateau Royale, the television inside our room wasn't working properly. I called at the front desk to report the issue and so they sent people from their engineering department. After they checked, the person-in-charge asked us to wait because he will get some tools. It took some time before he gets back. Anyway, he fixed the television so it's fine.

Since the place is near Tagaytay highlands and actually near Mt. Batulao, the temperature during the night can be cold. Having said that, we literally turned off the aircon and we still feel cold. We really loved the relaxing ambience in Chateau Royale, with few downsides on the service though.

Internet Connection

Unfortunately, there is no wifi connection in the room. Being a freelancer who still need to work, I need an internet. Fortunately, I brought my Sun pocket wifi and the signal is good so I was able to browse the net. I also turned on my Globe data and the connection is just good too.


The toilet and bath is spacious. Everything's okay, complete with dental kit, soap, shampoo and towels. The only downside is that the water pressure of the shower is too weak! The bidet in the toilet has a stronger flow of water than the shower. Seriously! 

Chateau Royale Wave Pool 1

Wyatt Maktrav with his Dad in the wave pool. Well, waiting for the wave.


There are two outdoor swimming pools - one near the reception area and the other one at the other end of Chateau Royale which is the wave pool. We only tried the wave pool because that one is nearer on our room. Also, the wave effect attracts the kid too much! 

Other facilities in Chateau Royale are the zipline, wall climbing, obstacle course, and golf course. Honestly, one of the reasons why I booked in Chateau Royale is because of the zipline and wall climbing. My son loved zipline so much so he's expecting this kind of activity. However, to our dismay, the staffs there said that it has to be booked at least one week prior to arrival. And the other staffs we asked said it's under maintenance.

I was so disappointed because they are advertising these facilities on their online deals and they never disclosed there that it has to be booked one week before. We're expecting this to be fully operational especially we went there on a weekend. 

Chateau Royale Wave Pool 2

And another picture of the swimming pool.

Restaurant and the Food

There are two restaurants in Chateau Royale. One is the floating restaurant and the other one is the resto near the main reception area. While waiting for our check-in time, we went to the floating restaurant to eat lunch. Take note that bringing of food is not allowed. The view is good, but not the service!

After finding a seat, we called the server several times to ask for the menu. They walked back and forth in front of the "kubo" where we are seated but they're not bringing us the menu despite calling their attention. It took 15 minutes before they finally bring the menu to our table. After ordering, they said waiting time to serve the food is 20 to 25 minutes. Okay, so we wait. 30 minutes have passed and the food was still not ready. We followed up and someone told us that we have to wait another 25 minutes! What the heck?! We were so hungry already and was waiting longer than their promised time, and we have to wait again?! We no longer want to wait so we cancelled our orders and we just went to Twin Lakes to eat our very late lunch.

Chateau Royale Floating Restaurant

The kubo in the floating restaurant.

Our little one was too tired and fell asleep already so we couldn't go to Twin Lakes again to have our dinner. I remembered that I have a consumable coupon worth PhP 300 which can be used on their restaurant near the reception area. So I went there and ordered food to be delivered to our room. Upon presenting the coupon to the cashier, she said that it's not valid because the coupon is for breakfast only. I argued that it's a different coupon and she told me to wait because she didn't know about that. I said it was given to me by the receptionist when we check-in as included on the promo availed. She called someone but they both didn't know. I reported it to the receptionist and waited few minutes before a guy went to the restaurant and informed them that it's okay to use. I just paid the excess amount. After half an hour, the food was delivered to our room. Quite pricey but nothing fancy about the food. 

We have another 2 coupons for the buffet breakfast. There aren't enough selection of food so we didn't enjoy much. Also, they have very limited tables so we waited to be seated. Even though they have other vacant tables, they said those were reserved. I didn't know that we can reserve table in advance. 

Chateau Royale Lotus Garden with Swan

Wyatt Maktrav and the lovely yet fierce swan!


Our supposedly relaxing and enjoyable trip ended up stressful because of the poor service in Chateau Royale! Our experience during our stay there outweighs the good ambience of the place. Although our baby enjoyed the playground and the wave pool, I seriously do not recommend Chateau Royale to other people and we won't go back there for sure. 

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort

Address: Km. 72 Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas

Contact Number: (02) 742 8016


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