Batangas: The Peak at Canyon Woods Review

The Peak at Canyon Woods Review

If Baguio City is beyond your reach and you're aiming to enjoy a cooler weather, then Tagaytay is just the perfect place to go. It's like Baguio’s sister city, and since it is nearer our home, we love going to Tagaytay. In one of our many trips to Tagaytay, we stayed at The Peak at Canyon Woods. Hmm.. The name does sound fantastic and quite luxurious too, and it is clearly not a budget hotel.

The Peak at Canyon Woods Review


Canyon Woods is a place filled with residential area and 'The Peak' is just one of the buildings inside Canyon Woods. It is a little over 30 minutes away from Tagaytay. The Peak at Canyon Woods is a great hotel with more than 190 rooms, so it's a pretty big place to stay. There aren't any near places to buy food from and no shops to buy stuff that you would need around. But if you have a car, you can always go out at your own convenience.


Entering the twin hotel itself welcomes you to a log cabin inspired property. The hotel was very spacious, and it features a kind of mountain living in the woods. It offers a beautiful ambiance when you enter the lobby, and there are tons of seats available for guests to wait and relax for a while.


The staffs were accommodating and professional. They meet you with friendly courtesy and are very business-like when meeting their guests. We felt like we were here for business based on how they treated us as we entered. Anyway, it didn't feel uncomfortable in a way at all. They are very courteous, and they are also quite efficient in meeting your needs when needed.

The Peak at Canyon Woods Review

Check-in and Check-out Time

The check-in time here is later than most hotels we've been to. Check-in is at 3:00 pm and the check-out time is at 12:00 nn. We weren't allowed to check-in our room until about 30 minutes before 3:00 pm. The Peak at Canyon Woods is in a different building than their clubhouse. Their restaurant, gym, and indoor pool are in the other building as well.

Anyway, since we got there much earlier, I asked the state of our room. It was facing the main road, and I asked if they could move us to a room that faces Taal Lake—people recommended that I request for it to have a fantastic view. And they gladly heeded to my request since it wasn't a peak season.


The room was very spacious. Our room came with two double beds. It was pretty spacious for one person to sleep in and I loved just how comfortable it is. I knew that the rooms were newer than the casitas and the houses and lots that they have. I loved that our room had its balcony. It may be small, but it allows you to go out and just enjoy the spectacular view.

Our room came with a small chair and a table right by the window. It also came with a full wide desk that allows any guest to work or do some business if ever it were needed. The room has a separate cabinet, and it gave us plenty of room to put our stuff.

The room was simple, but it was spick and span. It was super clean, and I loved that it looked new when we arrived. Anyway, back to the beds. Other than the beds being very spacious, the beds were comfortable and soft, and I just had to lie down for 10 minutes the moment we entered. It also comes with a lot of pillows, one thing we often ask an extra in other hotels. Since we had enough pillows here, then this time we didn't need to request for more.

The Peak at Canyon Woods Review

The toilet was also clean and spacious. It sure is a lovely suite, if you ask me. It's clean, it's simple, and it provided us with a fantastic view. Honestly, though, we can't see the Taal Lake from our window. If you want to see Taal Lake, you need a pair of binoculars to do that. Anyway, I love the view of the evergreens growing around Canyon Woods.

Bringing of food inside the rooms is not allowed, but you can slip a few snacks right in. There was no Wifi in the room at all. They don't offer the internet in the room, but you can stay in the lobby if you want to have access to the web. It was a good thing I always bring my handy pocket wifi so I can check in at work at any given time. The rooms are with a wide LCD TV, and we got enjoy wanting a good movie before hitting the sack.

Food and Dining

I was super glad that I booked a room in the hotel and not at the casitas. They were too far from the Clubhouse which was where the restaurant and most of the amenities were. Our room came with the typical breakfast meal, they also had a buffet, but you'd need to add up a few more hundreds just for one to enjoy a buffet. The buffet did look delicious though, but we enjoyed our free breakfast nonetheless.

The food in the clubhouse was quite pricey—but not to the extent that you would complain about it, so it is still quite affordable—but the quality of the food was above average. Comparatively better than most of the food we have had in most of the hotels we have been. The clubhouse has a telescope by the way, and you can have a great view of the Taal Lake looking through the telescope. Kids took turns in using it actually, and my son was one of them.

The Peak at Canyon Woods Review


They have tons of amenities in the hotel. They have a fun center, one that we mostly spent most of our time. I loved playing air hockey with my son and he enjoyed running back and forth in the day care area and the air hockey table. The kiddie play place, I think was meant for toddlers but my son also enjoyed playing in there too.

They also have an outdoor pool, a jacuzzi and an indoor pool; but when it gets chilly, most of the people would go to the jacuzzi. The pool temperature was tolerable and staying in the jacuzzi with other guests irked me a little bit especially when you see them rubbing callouses off their foot—no thank you.

They also have billiards, table tennis tables, basketball courts, gym area, a mini theater, and a golf course. I heard that the hotel has its clinic, but we never had the need for it. We didn't use much of the facilities they offered, and we weren't able to go to the lagoon because it was quite a walk away too.

Nonetheless, it is worth a staycation I think, but it is worth it if you want to stay there for a relaxing mountain escape. The Peak at Canyon Woods is in a beautiful location, and I love just how fantastic the view is. The Peak offers great lodging with clean and comfy rooms and sumptuous food too. So, we definitely would like to come here again.

The Peak at Canyon Woods

Address: Canyon Woods Resort Club, Diokno Highway, Barangay San Gregorio, Laurel Batangas

Contact Number: (+632) 521.7878