Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2 Tent Review

Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2 Tent

Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2 Tent Review

This is one of the most versatile tents that you can come across today! I’m talking from experience because I happen to be one of the proud owners of Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2. The one thing that sets this model head and shoulder high are the features. Of course every tent has better features, but I can attest to the fact that you can never go wrong with this. Last time I went hiking, I had to choose this particular tent because I was on the move with my husband. The creativity of the manufacturers, quality of materials used, and aeration capabilities, are simply unmatched.

What makes Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2 a top choice?

I was thinking of choosing a tent with a redefined structure, and thank goodness that this one stands tall among the rest that fall in the same range. It offers users a unique design, in that this single-wall tent can be used with trekking poles. As such, you will save some money in the long run and there is no need to carry large baggage, too. You can always place the poles in a specially designed pocket, or which has been reinforced to cater for the lightweight poles. As a matter of fact, on our way up the summit, I didn’t feel like I was carrying tons of stones. In fact, this is one of the tents that I would recommend to backpackers of any age.

Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2 Tent

The tent is pretty easy to pitch and you can do it even if you have no prior experience at all. It offers users a stabilizer loop at the door that helps to keep the pole in better and stable position. If you are a camper who is keen on air flow, this tent will not let you down either. The rear vent system keeps the environment welcoming irrespective of where you have pitched the tent. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t ignorantly place the tent next to dung and expect fresh air within that particular vicinity. Furthermore, the Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2 in-built cargo pockets were of a great help. It really helped us to be organize at all time while were having a great time exploring nature.

Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2 Tent

Trail Weight

1lb 12oz

Floor Area

29 sq ft

Packed Weight

2lb 3oz

Vestibule Area

14 sq ft

Footprint Weight

5 oz

Head Height

45 in

Packed Size

5.5" x 13"

Foot Height

33 in

The tent also offers users the benefit of self-adjusting guyouts, one vestibule, and one door. It is highly reliable because of the 1200mm waterproof-polyurethane, of which ensure that you don’t get soaked in rain water while sheltering inside the tent. I remember quite well the second day of our camping, nature threw a surprise at us. It was sunny, hot but a little bit windy, and in a few hours into the afternoon, the skies threatened to fall. It was not long when it started raining, but we were safe inside our haven. Importantly, with Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2, you get the best possible value for your money with reflective guyline which makes it pretty simple to set up the tent. You will never hassle!

Why make this tent a number one choice?

Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2 Tent

It is vital for you to understand finer details of any tent before spending your hard-earned money. One thing that makes this tent great and reason why I fell in love with it from the word go, is the 13 superlight J stakes that make it studier. While camping out in the mountains, I have realized that you must have a strong tent. As a rule of thumb, the number of poles and J stakes used do really determine the tent’s sturdiness. You can equally use gear lofts to keep your things organized, and you will never regret your choice!

Key points for you

In a nut shell, I was very happy with the performance of the tent in regard to weather resistance. Its weight is equally light, and with a good livability space, you will enjoy the highest functionality rates. Its easy-to-set nature is ideal while you are out there camping. Above all, the tent is made of better material so durability is always guaranteed. I know I will spend time before I decide to purchase another tent in the near future.

If you are a weight conscious backpacker, then this tent will serve you better. However, in order to get more head space and room, you need to carry more accessories that will enhance size of internal space. I can recommend this for couples, or friends, who want to get most out of their adventure. The best thing is that Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2 is compatible with other accessories, and so you should take advantage of things like entertainment center loft, tarp poles, and anything related.​

Overall, the tent is great in all manner of ways and you will never be disappointed when you go hiking for a couple of weeks, or months.​

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