Big Agnes Tumble 2 Tent Review

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Big Agnes Tumble 2 Tent Review

There are a few interesting outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking, and for this reason there is an increased number of people who are involved in both. However, one of the challenges that these mountain climbers have to deal with is choosing the right tent that will meet their unique needs. While this might not be a problem to the seasoned hiker, a newbie will find himself/herself in a catch-22 situation. It’s for this reason that I recommend Big Agnes Tumble 2 for couples or comrades who are going out to explore the wilderness.

Why choose Big Agnes Tumble 2

As a seasoned hiker, I have had the opportunity to use a number of tents and I can confidently state that Big Agnes Tumble 2 is a wise choice. This is not only because this tent comes with great features that users can take advantage of, but also is made of materials that can stand the test of time. Needless to say, there are a good number of accessories that can be used together with this tent. If you are not willing to spend a fortune and still get value for your money, then make this tent your number one choice. Overall, it will save you lots of money that you could use to buy camping gear and additional tent components.

Big Agnes Tumble 2 Tent Review


I liked this tent because I just fell in love with the features, and when I used it, I couldn’t help but heap praises on the designers. This tent comes with simple but versatile push button controller that offers users 3 settings to choose from. As a matter of fact, this is quite beneficial for those who like digital products and easy commands used in tent technology. If light is anything to go by while choosing tents, then this one is the right choice for you.

Big Agnes Tumble 2 Tent

Trail Weight

4 lb 12 oz

Floor Area

34 sq ft

Packed Weight

5 lb 3 oz

Vestibule Area

7 sq ft

Footprint Weight

9 oz



Fast Fly Weight

3 lb 9 oz



Packed Size

6" x 20"

Head Height


The high tech LED strand is articulately integrated into the flawless seams creating a beautiful pattern, and at the same time offering tent users adequate light. Above all, you can use the tent for relatively long period without necessarily needing any repairs. What you need to have is only 3 AAA batteries and you will enjoy the light in the darkest of hours in the wilderness.

Big Agnes Tumble 2 Tent Review

This tent also offers hikers who are camping at mountain tops the benefits that come with double-door tents. You will never bother to keep checking whether all the doors are closed, or worry about intruders while you are in the tent resting. The vestibule area is large enough to accommodate a large volume of items. This lightweight free-standing tent is pretty easy to carry around - and so if you are going for long trails, you will never be troubled with luggage issues.

The symmetrical poles make it even easier to pitch tent, whereas the media pockets located above your head in sleeping areas is a plus for those who like entertainment. What you need to do is have top notch ear buds to listen to your favorite music in your tent.

Finer details to take note

It is a rule of thumb that you choose a tent that scores pretty high in regard to design-and this reason why Big Agnes Tumble 2 stands head and shoulder high above others that fall in the same range. To begin with, the hub pole design is simply outstanding and this is something that all hikers should take note of while purchasing tents. Secondly, the four interior mesh pockets, gear loft loops, high waterproof capability, makes the tent users have an ample time in regard to storage facilities.

Also, with the 9 aluminum hook stakes, it will never take you eternity to set up the tent. Even the novice can pitch tent without worrying about the end results. I was able to set up tent in few minutes with the help of my friend. So, if I talk about easy set up process, I know exactly what I am talking about. This said, the material used to make the tent body (polyester rip-stop) is relatively durable, so you will always be quite happy that you can use the tents for a number of seasons without needing to spend addition money on tents.

The minimum weight is 1.5 kg which is easy to carry around, and users can as enjoy the 9 sq feet vestibule space to store their items. A floor of space of 34 sq ft is ideal for two persons who are out camping and enjoying their wilderness adventure. If you are not sure about which particular tent you can use for backpacking trips, look no further than the Big Agnes Tumble 2. I can always encourage new hikers to go for these kind of tents, they’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

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