Boracay: Red Coco Inn Review

Boracay Red Coco Inn Review

Red Coco Inn Review


Red Coco Inn de Boracay is located in Station 2, along the main road. It’s just around 10 to 15 minutes away from the jetty port. If going to the beach, you’ll just have to walk for about 5 minutes. There are restaurants and convenience stores nearby. This is the only thing we’ve come to love about Red Coco Inn.

Check-in and Check-out Time

The standard check-in time is 2pm and check-out time is 12 noon. I’m not sure if they allow early check-in and late check-out because we arrived around 9 in the evening and we left there at 10 in the morning. But I guess, they won’t allow it because they are very strict with the check-in and check-out time. Anyway, they serve welcome drinks upon arrival but don’t expect too much since it’s just a powdered juice mix. I was so excited to drink and heck, I sipped a lot of juice powder! They didn’t even bother mixing it properly before serving.

Premier Room

The room we booked is very spacious and the beds are big. There’s a small table and a chair. We asked for an extra table and chair because we need it for work. Thankfully, they granted our request. The room has a small refrigerator and a very small vault (only wallet and cellphone can fit inside), which I think not safe at all because anyone can carry it easily.

Housekeeping cleans the room daily but they do it in late afternoon. The toilet and bath is not so spacious, and there’s no bath tub but that’s not a big deal. The water pressure in the shower is not strong which is kind of annoying. And the worst part, there are lots of mosquitoes inside our room!

Boracay Red Coco Inn Review

Problems Encountered 

We are 3 adults and 1 child so we booked a Premier Room which is good for 4 adults. However, upon getting there, the staff said we have to pay for the extra person because the room is good for 2 only. I said the room is good for 4 so why do we have to pay for the extra person? I’ve been arguing with them because the rate is too much and they won’t provide extra bed even if we pay for the extra person. They said the extra person can use the existing bed because it’s big enough. So what’s the point of paying for the extra person if she’ll be using the existing bed? The staff said we can check-in for now and just settle the problem with their manager the next day. Thanks for that because we are dead tired and it’s already past 9 in the evening, plus we have a child with us.

The following day, I talked to their manager and I explained the matter to her. She said that even if the room is good for 4 pax, the rate applies only for 2 adults and that’s their policy. The extra person rate is PhP 850 per night. I keep haggling because I don’t want to pay such huge additional amount given that we’re staying for 5 days, so that’s PhP 4250. The manager said, to be fair, she will exclude the previous night because we didn’t get anything extra like bottled water, coffee, and towels. It’s still expensive for me. The argument continued until the manager asked me how much I can afford to pay. So I said PhP 2000, PhP 500 per night excluding the first night. She gave in and the conversation finally ended.

Internet Connection

Red Coco Inn proudly advertised that they have internet connection on all rooms. Don’t be fooled! Yes, they will give wifi password but we can’t even connect to the wifi when inside our room. It’s a good thing that Globe data connection is fast so I was able to work during our stay there. My mother use to go down to the lobby because that’s the only place where their wifi works best. As for me, I don’t want to bother going there to work since there are no tables, just couches.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is not too big but that’s good enough because there aren’t much people using the pool. My son used to go to the pool every single day after our trip from the beach. Nothing fancy here, just average. Anyway, what’s important is that Wyatt enjoyed swimming.

Boracay Red Coco Inn Review

Restaurant and the Food

Our accommodation includes free daily breakfast buffet at the Tiki Bar. During our 5 days stay, there’s no single food they served that we liked. There are very few selections: soup (arroz caldo, sotanghon); plain rice; 1 main viand (chicken adobo, fish fillet, potatoes with few strands of corned beef); 1 scrap food (pork and beans, sliced hotdogs mixed with catsup-like sauce); 1 vegetable; fruits (always banana and watermelon); bread; and juice (orange and iced tea). We couldn’t even eat enough because all the food doesn’t taste good.

Another bad experience we had here is that they didn’t inform us that we can order eggs at no added cost. We wanted to eat eggs since day 1 but they don’t have an egg station that you can see on most hotels during breakfast buffet. That’s why we assumed that they don’t really serve eggs for breakfast. We stayed there for 5 days and only on the fifth day we knew that each person can request one order of eggs! We couldn’t have known about it if we haven’t heard another guest. Nobody informed us that we can order eggs, or perhaps, they should put a sign that guests can order eggs. Seems like they’re hiding it! 

Overall, we’re not satisfied with our stay at Red Coco Inn de Boracay. From the first to the last day, all I got from them was stress! We don’t recommend this place. So if you’re here on our blog reading this review and you’re thinking about booking an accommodation here, think twice! There are other much better hotels out there at the same or lower price than Red Coco Inn. We won’t be staying there again, for sure.

Red Coco Inn de Boaracay

Address: Station 2 (Main Road), Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

Contact Number: +632-808-8849, (036) 288 2733


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