Why do we Love Bringing our Kid to the Mountains?

Why we Love Bringing our Kid to the Mountains

Some people are probably questioning our decision at bringing a toddler to such an arduous task. Wyatt Maktrav has climbed mountains before and, while each one offers different trails and unique challenges, we are quite confident that he will be able to reach the top without a lot of problems. Concerned about safety? Risk and safety are subjective and, as parents of the baby, I believe we know best on what is dangerous for him and what is not.

So, why exactly do we love bringing our kid to the mountains? What benefit does it bring to them?

It is our way of bonding as a family

My husband and I are avid climbers even before our son was born. When we found out that I was pregnant, we decided to put hold on any outdoor activities for the next year and a half in order to rest and take care of our little one. When we finally decided to go back climbing, we found out that there was no one who could take care of Wyatt while we were away so we decided to tag him along instead.

We took him camping and we have never looked back since. Despite our busy schedules, we always do our best to find a way to travel and climb a mountain as a way to de-stress from the hustle and bustle of the city and also to bond as a family.​

It brings him closer to nature

When we first took Wyatt to camping, we were not sure what to expect. We were surprised to see that he actually enjoyed being with nature – he loved the trees, the animals and the new environment. Who were we to limit his interaction with nature?

When you grow up in an urban jungle, it is often very difficult to appreciate nature because you rarely encounter it. Camping and hiking in mountains allowed us to make our son aware of the wonders of Mother Earth.​

Wyatt in Mt. Romelo

It is a unique way to learn about a place

Climbing mountains entail travel which also means that beyond going on a hike, you learn a little bit more about the place you are visiting. Each trip becomes an educational experience, better than a classroom, book or movie could ever offer, not just for our kid but also for us parents. Did they not say that experience is the best teacher? It’s true. And when you allow kids to get involved, the learning is retained so much better in their heads.

It teaches him problem-solving skills

Going to the roof of the world is more than just walking (or running, in Wyatt’s case). This hobby actually helps develop and reinforce problem-solving skills more than you think. It all starts in the planning because you have to consider your budget, plan out an itinerary and figure out what items to bring during the trip. Of course, kids do not have to do these just yet but being exposed early on will make things much easier in the future in case they want to do the planning on their own.

Climbers and hikers have no idea what will be in store for them ahead but, as long as they know what could happen two steps forward and backward, then they are good to go. When you go on a hike, you learn to figure out where best to step your foot on and how to deal with things while you are on the move. It also involves learning how to pitch a tent and cook food with very limited resources.​

It is an affordable hobby

Yes, climbing can still be an affordable hobby. You do not have to own the best (and most expensive) gear in the land because you just need to make sure that you are physically fit to take the journey. It definitely is much cheaper than if you get your kid hooked on gadgets.

If you do need to fly, local budget carriers such as Cebu Pacific Air and Air Asia are your best friends. Wyatt used to fly in free of charge before but, at three, he is already being charged a full fare. Cebu Pacific and Air Asia’s promo fares make it easier to plan out trips within the Philippines because they make paying for three “adult” fares more affordable. We also love that they offer several international flights which make your overseas dreams become more attainable indeed.​ The secret is, WATCH OUT for PROMO FARES!

Wyatt in Mt. Talomo

It improves his stamina and overall health

If there is one thing that, as parents, we love getting out of bringing Wyatt to climbing and hiking trips, it is the improvement of his overall health. Okay, he was never sickly to begin with but we did notice that he has a much stronger stamina and, thankfully, has never been hospitalized. Being exposed to “germs” once in a while does have its benefits.

It boosts his self-confidence

We always love it when Wyatt leads the way during our climbs and hikes (we also make sure to look ahead to ensure his safety) because it helps boost his self-confidence and teaches him leadership skills. Climbing allows you to exit your comfort zone and that in itself is already a huge act of bravery. Being able to overcome fear is a very useful skill that will help you achieve success in life.

It teaches him humility

But, no matter how confident you might be about yourself, it is also important to learn the value of humility. The view at the top will make you realize the vastness of the world and how tiny a speck you are. Then again, it is also important to keep in mind that no matter how small you may be in the face of the Earth, everything you do will create a ripple effect that could impact the life of other people and the entire world.

So, there you have it. Did we not say that climbing mountains is beneficial to both kids and parents? If you are still not convinced or are still looking for inspiration, you can follow Wyatt Maktrav’s Adventures. There we will update you on his latest climbs and also give tips and tricks to help you in your climbing journey, with or without a kid in tow.

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Bablofil says November 4, 2016

Thanks, great article.

Adrenaline Romance says January 13, 2017

We definitely agree! Bringing kids to the mountains is a must to let them see, appreciate, and enjoy the real world rather than be trapped in a digital, make-believe world.

Irone Boquiron says January 14, 2017

Hi!! Just wanna say that your family is our idol! We’ll be bringing our daughter up to the mountains as well when she gets a lil older. My wife even jokes that she wants us to beat Maktrav by bringing our daughter as early as six months hahaha! 🙂

Anyway, just wanna inquire what outdoor baby carrier did you use for Maktrav? Or did you even use one at all?

Kudos to your family!! 🙂

    Kaila Sharlene says January 15, 2017

    Hello! Thanks for the comment. Uhm.. Honestly, there are other hikers who bring their babies at 6 months, 5 months, and we even encountered someone who bring his baby just DAYS young 😀 As in not yet 1 month. Anyway, we’re not in the competition right? So just enjoy! Regarding baby carrier, I used a regular sling carrier for Wyatt when he was still 8 months. Then when he got a little bigger, we’re just borrowing a Macpac brand of backpack carrier from a friend – Sadeck Miguel. We never bought one. Hahaha! He is an online seller so you may inquire maybe he’s selling it. If not, I heard other hikers got their baby carriers from ukay-ukay. Tsambahan lang talaga. 🙂

Jude says January 19, 2017

I had tag along my 2 year old girl only on minor climbs and so far 5. Yes it’s really nice tagging along with kids but sometimes the risk getting higher. Anyway nice article.

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