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Father and Son Tandem: Rescue Style Rappelling in Layong Bilog

Wyatt and his Dad rappelling down in Layong BilogWyatt Maktrav has experienced many sort of adventures - from a simple travel to hiking to ziplining to paragliding to riding an ATV. This time, we wanted

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Fly to the Sky! Our Tandem Paragliding Experience

If I could fly, I will fly so high up into the blue sky. 🙂Two years ago when I first experienced the tandem paragliding. It's one of the things on my birthday month's bucket list last 2014 and I've

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Hiking Mt. Kinabalu with a Child

Hiking Mt. Kinabalu with a ChildWhere to get the most affordable Mt. Kinabalu package?More than 8 months before our scheduled flight to Kota Kinabalu, I searched for different Mt. Kinabalu tour providers

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