Why Climbing with a Group is Better than Going Solo

Why Climbing with a Group is Better than Going Solo

The best experience that you can have as a mountain climber is joining a group that you share the same interest with. It is much better than going solo based on the fact that you will be able to enjoy the activity from the word go. In fact, climbing mountains with groups comes with so many benefits and you will have access to knowledgeable climbers who understand different trails. If safety is anything to go by, then look no further than group hiking. 

Climbing with a Group vs Hiking Solo

Planning made easier

As stated before, with group hiking you will plan less as compared with doing the walks solo. You are able to access more experienced partners who are ready to help you out on trails, too. If you are thinking of going a long distance in solitude, you better think twice before anything happens to you. It is much easier to plan as a group than do everything for yourself. As far as hiking is concerned, newbie’s must be able to learn a thing or two, and the best way of doing this is joining a reliable hiking group.

Safety issues

It can be dangerous on these mountain trails, and for this reason you are advised to go climbing with a well groomed group. For instance, you might meet a dangerous animal and in your flight you get lost. Or, you can end up meeting unfriendly people who can harass and even harm you. If you are a woman on long distance trails, be advised to be in a group so that you do not end up hurt. Remember, hiking is meant to benefit you and not harm.

Meet great friend

You will be able to make new friends when you hike with a group. Some people have met their partners in this way, too. The physical nature, excitement, and thrill you can enjoy as a group surpasses by far what a solo hiker can experience. Nevertheless, always do a little bit of research on the group so that you do not join hands with people who have ill motives. More so, groups that will not benefit you socially, mentally, and psychologically are not the best of choices. At the end of the day, with a wrong you might as well suffer the consequences of your choice.

What about conversations

It can get boring as a solo climber with the challenges that you face on any give trail. On the other hand, climbing with a group makes every obstacle and challenges more exciting. You can always strike a conversation anytime you feel like, and get others to join in and before you know it you have covered a tremendous distance. Of course, the kind of conversation will solely depend on what group you have joined. This is why you should hike with people you share other interests and are of same age bracket.

Talking about heavy loads

The climbing gear can be so difficult to carry around as a solo climber irrespective of whether you are experienced or not. As such, make it a point to join a group of enthusiastic climbers as the load is always distributed amongst the members. In as much as going solo has a few benefits, there is nothing much you can do with a heavy load. In the long run, you will be tired, bored, and can easily give up and fail to reach your target. After all, you need someone to encourage you especially if the slope is quite steep.

When you get lost in the wild

This is a real danger for most solo climbers and it can get pretty bad if weather turns violent. Oftentimes, solo climbers will prepare adequately for any problems but things do change and even trackers can experience hitches. In order to counter this problem, you are advised to go climbing with a group. In all cases, the chances of surviving this kind of scenarios are always high; and an experienced member can come in handy to lead you to a safety zone. Overall, statistics show that climbing in a group is safe and people rarely get lost.

Counter natural events

This is one of the most prevalent challenges that most climbers come across when they decide to go up the mountain. Nature, as we know it, has its own surprises that can be quite difficult to predict. The weather man will tell you the skies will be clear, only for the weather to change into torrential rains. Snow can start falling, or even trees uprooted without notice. If you are a solo climber, you will find the situation quite complicated. Furthermore, you won’t be able to react fast and hence get hurt in the process of hiking.

As a word of advice, always ensure you climb mountains with a group that is well versed with the particular trails. You will save your life and enjoy the thrills that mountain climbing offer.