Columbia Women’s Drainmaker Fly Water Shoes Review

Columbia Shoes Review - Columbia Women's Drainmaker Fly Water Shoes Review

Columbia Shoes Review

One of the things I love about traveling is going to new places and experiencing new things all the time. However, there are some problems that I encounter every time we travel. One of the things I hate about myself is that there is always one thing on my list of necessities that I forget and in one occasion, I forgot to pack socks—not my son’s but—MY socks!

I wanted to go hysterical because going around the Philippines to find places to hike, we are often met with the crazy heat and I always use slippers. I just put my shoes on when we’re about to start the hike.

Columbia Shoes Review - Columbia Women's Drainmaker Fly Water Shoes Review

I was able to try out a pair of Columbia Women's Drainmaker Fly Water Shoes. I've always loved Columbia's shoes because of comfort but I was so impressed and really happy with this one since it was just as comfortable even without my socks on.

My feet do get sweaty and I'm super glad that the Columbia Drainmaker Fly has great air flow. It offers good comfort and breathable soles that didn't let my feet sweat that much. Of course, it's still an enclosed space so of course, I still did have a bit of moisture but the comfort level is great. Traction is average though as compared to my other Columbia shoes.

I love that it’s lightweight too. I've had hiking shoes that have weighed me down and these were easy to walk with. Gravity can really bog us down when going steep and I hated it when my feet got too tired because some of my hiking shoes were just too heavy. These, on the contrary, were light and breezy.

Columbia Shoes Review - Columbia Women's Drainmaker Fly Water Shoes Review

Other than the great function, I love the colors of the Drainmaker Fly Water Shoe. Mine is the pink one but it also has a more aquatic theme which is Oyster/ Tropical Green and Zour Razzle (yellow/purple).

The sole grip is a bit slippery on muddy terrain, so slipping on those wet mossy rocks needed a bit of care when stepping over them. It doesn't have as many creases on the sole to really have a good grip on the ground but it sticks on an average scale, I guess. Other than that, the traction was pretty good. It held up well against loose soil and also held its ground on steep climbs especially when going up some rocks to work our way up the mountain peak. But the tricky terrain is still tricky in these shoes.

Anyway, I loved these pair of shoes. They are perfect for comfort and great for minor hiking trips. So even without socks, I made it through a great hike with my family. I didn't get any blisters while using these shoes. I will definitely recommend Columbia Drainmaker Fly as a good pair of hiking shoes but not for those really strikingly difficult terrains.