Columbia Watertight Jacket for Kids Review

Columbia Watertight Jacket for Kids Review

Wyatt Maktrav at the starting point of Mt. Fansipan, wearing his Columbia Watertight Jacket

Columbia Watertight Jacket for Kids Review

Hiking is a very common activity nowadays. You can even see families hiking together with a little child, toddler or an infant. And yes, we are one of them. But the problem with taking a toddler to the mountains is having proper gears for them. Philippines is a tropical country where you couldn’t experience winter so it’s hard to find clothes that are appropriate for cold weather. The temperature can get really cold in high mountains especially at night, that’s why you have to know the proper layering. When Wyatt was just 1 year old, we can only find items for him in ukay-ukay. Although there are brands that offer winter jackets and other clothing for infants like Uniqlo, they are pretty expensive.

Our little one is now a big boy. Well, he’s just 4 years old but his body built is like a 6-year old. Before our first hike outside the Philippines, we made sure that he has the appropriate clothing because Mt. Fansipan is higher than Mt. Apo – which means it is much colder in that mountain. Thankfully, Columbia Sportswear has kid’s sizes and the small one (size 8) fits exactly to Wyatt. For the jacket, we’ve got him the Columbia Watertight Jacket (outer layer / shell), together with the Columbia Fast Trek II Full Zip (inner layer / fleece).

What We Like About Columbia Watertight Jacket

Upon seeing the jacket, Wyatt immediately wore it and he didn’t want to take it off. He really liked it at first glance. But more than that, we liked the fact that the Columbia Watertight Jacket is omni-tech – a technology used by Columbia Sportswear to make this jacket waterproof and breathable. True to their word, this jacket is really waterproof and breathable as they claim. When Wyatt played in the river along the trail to Mt. Fansipan and we experienced some rain, this jacket kept our little one dry. And since it’s breathable, Wyatt didn’t sweat out in the inside while hiking because the air permeability allows perspiration to escape. Isn’t it awesome?

Columbia Watertight Jacket Review

The Columbia Watertight Jacket has an adjustable hood. The sleeve cuffs are also adjustable so even if the sleeves are long for Wyatt, we managed to adjust it for him. The pockets are zip-closed so you don’t have to worry about the valuables that you want to put there. In Wyatt’s case, he put his small toy inside the pocket of his jacket. It has a mesh interior so it won’t stick to your skin. And oh, this jacket is very lightweight too.

What We Didn’t Like About Columbia Watertight Jacket

To be honest, we really loved the Columbia Watertight Jacket. Wyatt is really comfortable wearing this jacket and he’s happy with it. Columbia Watertight Jacket has many colors to choose from – cyber green, hyper blue, super sonic, black, fuse green, and night tide. However, the only available color in the store where we get his jacket is the super sonic (the bright reddish orange), so we have no choice but to get that one. Maybe that’s the only downside on our part. But hey, it has nothing to do with the quality of this product. Actually, I shouldn’t say downside because the bright color has an advantage when hiking - we can easily see him in the trail and forest.

Columbia Watertight Jacket Review


Overall, we’re very satisfied with this Columbia Watertight Jacket for kids and we highly recommend it. There is so much to love about this product and the quality is great. We can’t even say a negative thing about this. We’re glad that we’ve got this one for our child.

Do you have a little kid who loves to go hiking with you? Get him this Columbia Watertight Jacket now.

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