Columbia Youth Pisgah Peak Hiking Shoes for Kids Review

Columbia Youth Pisgah Peak Hiking Shoes for Kids Review

Columbia Youth Pisgah Peak Trail Shoes for Kids Review

We started bringing our son to the mountains when he was 8 months old. Back then, there’s no need to buy him a pair of hiking shoes because we’re still carrying him. When he started walking on his own on the trail, we had a hard time finding hiking shoes for toddlers. He was still small during that time but his feet are wide and we couldn’t even find ordinary shoes for him that will fit perfectly. We ended up buying him Crocs but it’s not really great on trails.

There aren’t many outdoor shops in the Philippines that offer items for kids. We’re glad that there are many Columbia Sportswear stores nationwide. Now that Wyatt is 4 years old, we tried finding hiking shoes for him again and fortunately, we came across with Columbia Youth Pisgah Peak waterproof trail shoes for kids.

What We Like About Columbia Youth Pisgah Peak Shoes

We’ve got US size 1 of these shoes for Wyatt. This is the smallest size available and it fits him perfectly. The low cut design and the color combination of the shoes is just perfect – we’ve got the gray with touch of blue. He wore these shoes during our hike to Mt. Fansipan in Vietnam which has rocky terrains and some rain but he didn’t complain about the shoes. The Columbia Youth Pisgah Peak has rubber sole and waterproof. Wyatt even stepped on the river but his feet didn’t get wet inside his shoes. This pair looks nice, sturdy, durable and lightweight. For its price, it’s definitely a great deal especially that Wyatt said it’s really comfortable to wear.

What We Didn’t Like About Columbia Youth Pisgah Peak Shoes

The only thing we didn’t like about these shoes is the laces. We liked the round cord-like style of the shoelaces but they couldn’t be tied tight enough. While Wyatt is wearing these shoes, the laces untied several times so we have to tie it over again. I’m not really sure what kind of knot is suitable for it so I just tied it twice with the usual knot.


Overall, we’re very pleased with these Columbia Youth Pisgah Peak hiking shoes for kids and we highly recommend it. The quality is great so what else could we ask for? Wyatt didn’t get any blisters while wearing these shoes and he’s really comfortable with them. It’s just a pity that if his feet get a little bit longer, we have to get another pair – one size bigger.

Do you have a little kid who loves to go hiking with you? Get him a pair of Columbia Youth Pisgah Peak hiking shoes now.

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