5 Best Cookset for Solo Backpacker

5 Best Cookset for Solo Backpacker

A lot of backpacking cookware comes with nested pots. If you’re going solo, your primary need would be to save space while bringing the comforts of home cooking to camp. Refueling after a long day on the trail is essential. And, if you want to eat more than just freeze dried meals you’ll need to bring along a cooking set. Simple one pot backpacking meals are a great option. Some backpacker’s would like to do more than just boil; maybe some scrambled eggs, flipped pancakes, etc. You’d want to check each cookset for cooking performance, weight, durability, packability and ease of use.

What to Consider Before Choosing

Backpacking cookware comes in a variety of different materials and choosing the right one for you will come down to your budget and how you plan to use it.

Type of Material & Weight

Choices are: hard anodized aluminum (long lasting and durable but expensive), aluminum (affordable lightweight but dents and warps easily), titanium (extremely lightweight and most expensive) and stainless steel (durable but the heaviest options). Weight is a critical factor when you’re solo and if you’re packing ultralight then you’re best bet would be titanium. If you’re planning on cooking more than just boiling water then you might have to consider the non stick aluminum options.

Cleaning & Care

Food can easily be stuck to the bottom of stainless steel and titanium pots and pans & on the other hand Aluminum pots and pans with non stick coatings are easy to clean but you’ll need to take extra care not to scratch them.

Fuel Efficiency & Heat Evenly

A good cookset along with a stove must have the ability to absorb heat easily which will in turn help saving on fuel. The good camping pots and pans should be compact and light for your trip.

It's crucial to make sure that the set contains the right pans — and sizes — to match up with your cooking needs. Having a good pot and pan set is important for cooking a quality meal.

5 Best Cookset for Solo Backpacker

Kovea Solo 3 Cookset

It’s compact and lightweight; something that a backpacker would just love! The Kovea Solo 3 cookware is a 4-piece set of 2 lids (1 small and 1 medium) and 2 pots (1 small and 1 medium); the lids can also be used as frying pans.The convenient storage keeps the burner from banging around inside the kit.

Dimensions - 5 x 6.3 x 6.5 inches

Weight - 1.75 pounds

Material - Aluminum​


  • Efficient package with stowing bag
  • Comes with Supalight titanium stove and gas canister


  • - - -

It’s made of high-purity aluminum. It’s safe, strong, and durable for the professional backpacker. The pots and stove are perfectly matched for overall compactness, rapid boil and deployment and so that you enjoy gourmet cooking.

Snow Peak Titanium Mini Solo Cook Set

This minimalist kit packs your kitchen into a tiny space, and even better- weighs as less as 5 ounces. This Snow Peak Titanium Mini Solo Cookset includes a 28-fl. oz. pot with lid and a lightweight, 10 fl. oz. cup. The pot nests inside the cup and a Giga™ stove nests inside pot. Both pot and cup have handles that fold flat for packing. Cleaning is made super easy due to rounded bottom edges. It comes with a lightweight nylon storage bag.

Dimensions - 5.1 x 4 x 4 inches

Weight - 0.5 pounds

Material - Titanium​


  • Entire made out of pure Grade A Titanium
  • Titanium is extremely light and also leaves no metallic smell or taste
  • Non-rust
  • Cup comes with measurements on the sidewall
  • Easy cleaning and care with rounded bottom edges


  • Lids don’t clamp very well

You’ll hardly notice this set in your backpack; if you're more concerned with shedding ounces within your pack and less concerned about making extensive meals in the backcountry, then this is an excellent set of cookware to consider.

Optimus Crux Lite with Terra Solo Cook Set

Easy on the pocket and small & easy on the backpack, here is the Optimus Crux Lite with Terra Solo Cook Set. The Solo includes a 0. 6-liter hard-anodized aluminum Cookset along with frying pan; Crux Lite stove (72 g/2.5 oz), mesh storage bag and nylon storage bag to store Crux Lite stove. The Crux Lite has a 3000W burner that boils water fast and won't spot burn when simmering.

Dimensions - 6.5 x 10.25 x 14 inches

Weight - 1.6 pounds

Material - Hard-anodized aluminum​


  • Graduated volume markings
  • Packs up in itself
  • Fast boil time, right at a minute with a full pot
  • Easy set-up


  • Burner control/ adjustment handle - flames can go up or off

The Optimus Crux Lite Stove is equipped with the powerful burner of the Crux making 10,200 BTU output; but even lighter in weight as it does not have a folding mechanism. At 72 g, it’s one of the lightest stoves in the world. Compact, robust, well made and thoughtfully designed for its intended purpose!

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist Cookset

The whole system fits in one neat, self-contained system that also protects the cookware from scratching. It’s crushproof, dual-use, heat-resistant. The nylon lid won’t deform in packs and serves as a Sip-It Lid or integrated strainer. It comes with a 2-liter pot and strainer lid, a skillet, an interchangeable and folding handle, two 14-ounce insulated mugs with sippy lids, and two 14-ounce bowls. It is all contained by a carrier that also doubles as a wash basin.

Dimensions - 8.5 x 4.6 in

Weight - 1.8 pounds

Material - Hard Anodized Aluminum w/ Non-Stick Coating​


  • Pot and frypan both have non-stick teflon coating
  • BPA-free infinity polypropylene mug/bowl
  • Infinity polypropylene comes with a high melting temperature
  • Silicone-coated handle on pot provides a comfortable and secure grip


  • Need to be careful with metal utensils
  • Cup doesn't insulate
  • Spork is fragile

This GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist Cookset is a great basic set of cookware to use while camping. This kit will allow you to carry everything you need for summertime cooking without any wasted space inside your pack.

Petforu Backpacking Cookware with Piezo Canister Stove

It’s the perfect outdoor cooking set & includes a camping bowl, pot and stove. The pan and the pot have folding handles for space saving and compactness. The handle comes with a silicone tube cover to protect from burning. The stove is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel which can withstand high temperature and weight. The high-energy ceramic piezoelectric ignition system makes it convenient for camping.

Dimensions - 0.79 x 0.79 x 0.79 inches

Weight - 0.9 pounds

Material - Aluminum alloy and stainless steel​


  • The handle is foldable and easy for storage
  • The stove fits diversified pot gas
  • Saves space with compactness & is collapsible


  • Thread size on the top of the canister

Compact and collapsible design combined with a carrying case for enhanced portability. It has a super lightweight package, especially considering its versatility and vital role. It adheres to the "Leave No Trace" principle set forth by the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and National Park Service; it burns clean, leaving no debris or soot behind.


Here we have highlighted a few Cook Pots for One Pot Backpacking Meals. Whether hiking light and fast, backpacking or car camping, you'll need these great Cooksets to keep you nourished and enjoy your adventure!

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