Deuter Act Lite Hiking Backpack Review

Deuter Act Lite Hiking Backpack Review

Hiking with our baby... and our Deuter Act Lite 50 + 10 Hiking Backpack

Deuter Act Lite Review

Carrying a huge bag around doesn't mean that you're carrying something really heavy. On the contrary, the right hiking backpack doesn't just make it easier to load things that you need, but it becomes an essential that helps keep your stuff and yet doesn't make you feel much of the weight either.

What we love about the Deuter Act Lite backpack?

Deuter Act Lite Hiking Backpack Review

Whenever we prepare for major hikes, we needed a bigger hiking backpack than the ones we have. We got the Deuter Act Lite 50+ 10 which is larger than the existing one we had. When we first got it, I tried it out immediately since I have to carry it at some point. It was extremely comfortable and moving around with it even when it's fully loaded felt really great, maybe because the Deuter backpack was really designed for hikers.

After several hikes, I realized that it was better than we expected. The back system was very comfortable and extremely handy. It has wonderful airflow preventing our backs from ever sweating up that much. It also didn't make it feel too warm either. Actually, one of the reasons why we chose this was because of the description of the bag came with a '15%-25% less perspiration', and it held up to its claims.

The backpack has aluminum support distributing much of the weight. Even though everything we put in our bag felt like it weighed a ton, the fact that the bag was carefully designed to support backpackers, the weight distribution was just awesome. I've had experience carrying a backpack that felt lopsided because I put 1.5 liters of water on one side of the bag. This one, I barely felt any uneven weight distribution even though I put bottles of water on one side.

The shoulder straps and the hip straps are all super comfy too. The padding wasn't over bearing but light hugs to our shoulder blades properly. Comfort was one thing but another important factor was the amount of load it can carry. I packed so many stuffs in it especially our son’s things. It also comes with an extension (10 L) that can carry up to load more.

Deuter Act Lite Hiking Backpack Review

The back of Deuter Act Lite

The downside of Deuter Act Lite

The only problem I had was the height. Deuter designed its backpacks for the typical Caucasian hikers, and being Filipinos meant that the backpack is far too tall for us to carry. The back may be perfect in offering added support but I didn't bother filling it up to the brim. Another issue we had was that it wasn't that waterproof. Most Deuter backpacks are either waterproof or comes with a rain cover, but this one did not.

Overall, it was an awesome backpack with phenomenal weight distribution and back support. We only wished that it was totally waterproof and that it had a size that best fits smaller individuals.​