Embarrassing Moments of a Newbie Climber

Embarrassing Moments of a Newbie Climber

Being a newbie climber few years back, I have lots of funny and embarrassing moments.

On my first climb in Mt. Sembrano (February 20, 2011), I was wearing a doll shoes! My companions said, “Hey, why aren't you wearing a trekking shoes?” Then my backpack is just a self-made bag out of scrap cloth and fabric. They said that it won’t last! They laughed really hard at me and I feel embarrassed. I told them that it was my first time to climb and I really don’t have any idea about mountaineering gears. Besides, I can’t afford to buy even the cheapest brand. My feet was aching so bad because of my shoes, but fortunately, I managed to finish the trek and my shoes didn’t have any damage until the end.

Embarrassing Moments of a Newbie Climber - Wearing Doll Shoes

My third climb was in Mt. Balagbag (March 19-20, 2011). I was wearing an apple green school PE jogging pants from college! Somebody told me that it’s an eyesore and I shouldn’t wear that kind of pants when climbing. I almost cried telling myself, “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing? Are there any rules stating that it’s not allowed?” Seriously, those people are so mean and it's good thing that I already forgot their names.


My second overnight camping experience is in Mt. Manabu (March 26-27, 2011) and it was my fourth climb. I borrowed a tent from my officemate but he didn’t told me that the poles are broken and it doesn’t have pegs. Thanks to Ceejay Custodio of Green Mountain Tribe for lending me some pegs and for helping me pitch the tent. He fixed the broken poles by putting packing tape. Someone on Facebook commented that the tent is a beach-type tent and it’s not branded. Well, I don’t care because what’s important is I had an overnight shelter in the mountain.


These are just some of my embarrassing moments as a newbie climber. Yet, I’m still proud that I have the opportunity to experience being on the top of the mountains. What about you? Do you have some stories like this? Don’t be shy to tell.

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