Baguio: Eurotel Baguio Review

“Experience Europe in the Philippines” is one of the catchy reasons why a lot of people choose to stay in Eurotel. I'm very familiar with Baguio City since I've been there so many times especially it is the gateway to a lot of hiking spots in Northern Luzon. One of our Baguio stays was in Eurotel.

Eurotel Baguio Experience


Alright, Eurotel is in a really good location. It is right in front of Baguio City Hall, right beside the infamous Cafe by the Ruins, and just a 5-minute walk away from Burnham Park. But since it's right by one of the busiest roads, it can get pretty noisy, especially during peak traffic hours. There is a 7-11 nearby, Mcdonald's, 24/7 eateries, small shops, the market, and even a police station, and all of them are just a walking distance. One branch of Good Taste Restaurant is also a few minutes’ walk from Eurotel.

Eurotel Baguio Review - Eurotel Baguio Lobby

Eurotel Baguio Lobby

Lobby and Hallways

Entering the hotel greets you with a handsome looking lobby, quite contrary to the really dark bold colors of red and green hotel facade. Anyway, in front of the reception is the in-house restaurant of Eurotel. You're practically passing by it when you go to the elevators.

Entering the hallway was quite shockingly different from the lobby though. The ceilings are very low and the lighting was very dim. It's like entering into a horror hotel, actually. I didn't really like that since I expected to stay in a hotel filled with tons of windows and great natural lighting. But that's an expectation I didn't get from this hotel. Moreover, the hallway going to our room smells like cigarette smoke and I really hate it!

Eurotel Baguio Review - Eurotel Baguio Room

Our room in Eurotel Baguio


The room was average, but as far as I'm concerned, the great thing about a Eurotel room is that it is full of what you need. You are given a mini fridge, a coffee making area, a dining table, complete set of toiletries and towels, and also a safe.

The room was quaint and simple. It is quite dark though. We booked a Euro Suite 1 at a really low price online. It was a good deal since it includes a buffet breakfast. It's great but not as well-maintained as you'd think. The toilet seat is loose and the bathroom isn't as clean as you'd expect it to be. The showers don't really heat up that much either and the shower switch valve in our room is broken.

Our room has a very small window and a door to the terrace. However, the door is locked so it’s no use. There is a free wifi but it is pretty weak in our room. The bed is a bit hard though, and the sheets are pretty thin. I was actually expecting a comforter in there since it's a pretty expensive hotel—but at least we got it for such a cheap price.

On our second day onwards, the housekeeping didn’t clean our room; they didn’t replace towels and bed sheets; and didn’t bring the complimentary bottled water. It should be done automatically, right? But in Eurotel, that’s not the case. You’ll have to keep bugging them if you want your room to be cleaned.

Eurotel Baguio Restaurant

The restaurant near the lobby.

Food and Dining

The breakfast buffet was the typical Filipino breakfast meal and nothing’s so special. There’s also a very few viand options. On our second day, I noticed that the fish served on the previous day was also served the following day. We didn’t eat that again since we think it’s the same food as yesterday. At least, it comes with the breakfast buffet. The food on the menu was ordinary, but since it's situated right in the city center, you have plenty of great places to eat from like Good Taste Family Restaurant, and other cheaper options like Daddy's.

Overall, the hotel wasn't excellent and it wasn't that bad either. Anyway, if I were to pay the actual price, I would have hated this hotel since the price wasn't worth it. But if you are lucky to get a deal online, then the budget is nothing to worry about. You still get what you pay for. If you want to stay in Baguio longer, I'm sure there are other better places to stay in with lower room rates but the same service.

Eurotel Baguio

Address: 123 Abanao Extn., City Camp Central, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

Contact Number: (074) 444-3876 | Mobile: (+63) 999-888-3876