Extreme Outdoor Club Travel and Tours Review

Extreme Outdoor Club Travel and Tours Review

Being a well-traveled family, I was asked by my sister-in-law to organize our Ilocos tour. I contacted different tour providers I know on Facebook and asked for quotation. Extreme Outdoor Club Travel and Tours gave me the best deal of all so we opted to book with them. 

Extreme Outdoor Club Travel and Tours Review and Feedback


We followed a typical 3 days and 2 nights Ilocos roadtrip itinerary provided by Extreme Outdoor Club. It includes Vigan, Paoay, Laoag, Pagudpud, and Burgos. We've visited pretty much all of the tourist spots in Ilocos except Marcos Museum, Malacañang ti Amianan and Kabigan Falls.

We skipped Marcos Museum and Malacañang ti Amianan on our first day because we were already behind the itinerary and there isn't so much to see on those places. On our second day, we experienced rain so we didn't visit Kabigan Falls and everyone is already tired. Since it's a private tour, the itinerary is up to us which places to visit.

Transportation, pick up and transfers

The vehicle used is a 14-seater van with aircon. We are comprised of 12 adults, 1 kid and 1 infant, plus the driver, tour coordinator, and our things. We are a bit cramped inside the van but thankfully, we managed to endure it during the entire trip. 

We also arranged with Sir Edzhel that the pick-up and drop-off will be from two different locations - Imus, Cavite and San Pedro, Laguna. Although we know that we will be having a very long time in the road going to Ilocos and back, Sir Edzhel is kind enough to accommodate our request.


When I asked Sir Edzhel about the accommodation, I honestly didn't expect too much when he said that we will be staying at Regina's Place Resort in Pagudpud. I even told the family members not to expect too much about the place because I couldn't find a website and the facebook page of the resort isn't fully managed. But upon arriving there, I was amazed! The place has a good view of the beach, windmills, beautiful sunset and the wind blows really cold at night. Not only that, we have the resort all by ourselves so it seems like we rented the whole resort. Hahaha!

Supposedly, we should be occupying only 3 rooms (4 persons for each room) because we're just 12 in count, excluding the kids. However, Sir Edzhel and Ms. Carol talked to the resort's caretaker and they gave us another room good for 2 persons at no additional cost. Isn't it awesome? So instead of just three rooms, we occupied four rooms to have a more comfortable rest.

Overall service of Extreme Outdoor Club Travel and Tours

Overall, we're satisfied with the service of Extreme Outdoor Club Travel and Tours. I liked how Sir Edzhel responded to my questions prior to booking a tour with them. They even gave us a discount even if it's a peak season. We'll surely book again with them in the near future with Sagada and Calaguas in mind.

Thank you so much Extreme Outdoor Club for arranging our trip!

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