Father and Son Tandem: Rescue Style Rappelling in Layong Bilog

Father and Son Tandem: Rescue Style Rappelling in Layong Bilog

Wyatt and his Dad rappelling down in Layong Bilog

Wyatt Maktrav has experienced many sort of adventures - from a simple travel to hiking to ziplining to paragliding to riding an ATV. This time, we wanted him to try rappelling. Since he's only 4 years old and couldn't rappel by himself yet, our friend Jepoi Mansibang suggested to do a rescue style rappelling instead.

Our first attempt for this kind of rappelling was in Buntot Palos Falls few weeks back. However, the weather during that time wasn't so good. The rocks are quite slippery and the falls have a very strong current. Well, I must say that rappelling in Buntot Palos Falls is a bit technical and definitely not safe for Wyatt. Of course, as parents, we don't want to put our son to danger so we decided not to include Wyatt on the activity. He still enjoyed the trek and the swim in the falls though.

Fortunately, Jepoi organized another rappelling activity. And this time, it's in Layong Bilog Nasugbu, Batangas. It's actually near Mt. Talamitam so other participants hiked there first before rappelling. We didn't join the hike because we've been there several times already. 

Rescue Style Rappelling in Layong Bilog

The route for rappelling in Layong Bilog is very easy to take because it's very straightforward. From the first look, we know that it will be okay for Wyatt. It was already afternoon when we got there so we were the last to rappel. While other participants were rappelling down, Wyatt Maktrav was so excited and couldn't wait for his turn. Well, maybe because he thought he'll be doing a zipline. Hahaha!

There's another child there, a 7-year old and they've tried the rescue style rappel  together with Eric Vinoya. It was a success that's why we were too excited for Wyatt to try it too.

How is it done?

Rescue style rappelling is "one-man under". Unlike the ordinary rappel that you only need one harness, doing this style needs two - one for the main person and one for the child. Aside from the harness, there are also some safety lines on the child's body for added security. The child's harness will then be attached to the main person's harness using some ropes.

When all is set, the main person can proceed to the usual rappel, except that there is an added weight. The child will be in sitting position and it is important that he doesn't have any unnecessary movements. The main person has to keep his balance even more to prevent the child from swinging and bumping. 

How does it feel?

Of course, since it's the first time for Wyatt and his Dad to do the tandem rappelling, they were both nervous. But our little one was so cooperative and right after they successfully did the rappel, Wyatt wanted to do more! He's asking for it again and again but it's already late afternoon so we told him that we'll do it again next time. 

As for Wyatt's Dad, he's really careful while going down. He couldn't do the same way when he's rappelling alone that he jumps to bounce and not lose the momentum. Doing the rescue style rappelling is a whole different thing.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend the rescue style rappelling to just anyone. It's still a risky activity and we're just sharing our experience. If ever you want to experience the same with your child, make sure that the main person is capable of doing so and the child has enough courage to do this. Also do a background check to the group you are joining because there are cases of accidents happened during their rappelling activity.

For us, we recommend Mansibang Outdoor Institute for this kind of activity because we've joined with them several times already. Jepoi always make sure that everything is safe and we trust him for this.

Mansibang Outdoor Institute