How Can We Afford a Life of Constant Travel?

How Can We Afford a Life of Constant Travel?

When our baby Wyatt Maktrav has been featured several times on television, magazine and news sites, we've read a lot of comments on social media saying:

  • Mapera kasi sila kaya nila nagagawa yan.
  • Maswerteng bata at mayaman ang magulang.
  • May pera eh. Kaya din namin yan basta may pera.

And different variations of those lines, summing up with MONEY.

I've been silent about it but on my mind, "Really? Is it always about money?" Well, I can't blame those people since I have similar mindset before. 

So how to live a life of constant travel?

Our family adventure started when we were blessed with such an active baby. His favorite line to say is "Come on, let's go!" Below are some tips so you can travel constantly like us.

Set Priorities

We are just average-earners. We are not rich like what other people think about us. In fact, our house is full of damage inside and out. If we are rich, we can afford to renovate it while traveling at the same time. But it's not the case. It's just a matter of priorities. For us, we prioritize our travel plans over house renovation and other unnecessary things. ​

Work and Save Money

I am a freelance web developer and I've been working from home (or should I say anywhere?) for 5 years now. If you want something, you need to work for it. Like other people, I work really hard to earn money. I accept projects and I work everyday, sometimes even weekends and holidays. But since I handle my own time, I can set a travel or hike schedule whenever I want and just face the workload after. I have a separate bank account for our daily expenses, one for emergency fund and another one for travel savings. That way, I make sure that the budget is properly allocated.

Cut the Expenses

We're not a fan of expensive gadgets and we don't even have a TV cable at home. Why would we get one if we don't actually need it? We also don't have other vices like smoking and drinking. Imagine, if you're a smoker, how much money will you save if you quit smoking? Cut the expenses whenever possible. We seldom buy clothes, shoes and other things for ourselves. If I were asked to choose between the latest iphone model or plane tickets, I will choose the latter.

Keep an Eye for Promo Fares

The most awaited event of every avid traveler, hello Piso Fare! Our out of town travels are from promo fares. We never book a flight that costs a fortune. We've been to different places even on a very tight budget because of these promos. Follow the social media pages of different airlines. They release promos from time to time and you can get it on a steal price. 

Find Affordable Travel Deals

We used to get domestic travel package from Sole Adventours. The owner, Missy, is responsive to messages and really helpful to give us the best and affordable tour packages. Before I book with them, I calculate the estimated expenses if we'll be doing a DIY trip. It turns out that it's far way cheaper to get a package with them. Also, it saves us time and hassle of organizing our own trip. For international trips, I always do research and read reviews before choosing a tour provider.

Go Couchsurfing

Instead of paying a hefty price on hotels, why not try couchsurfing? Talk to locals, befriend with them and have a home away from your own home. I remember when we were in Davao, we stayed in the house of a friend from Facebook, but they became a family to us. If you don't want to try couchsurfing, choose a homestay, hostels, lodges, transient, inns and the like. They are cheaper compared to hotels.

That's it. See? Travel doesn't have to be expensive. If there's a will, there's a way. So go and chase your dream of being a digital nomad.

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    Sure Missy 🙂 Thanks.

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