Hi-Tec Lima Sport WP Hiking Boots for Women Review

Hi-Tec Lima Sport WP Hiking Boots for Women Review

I've been hiking for 6 years already but it's my first time to own a pair of Hi-Tec hiking boots. Hi-Tec is a well-known brand for creating high-quality footwear, and I'm really glad I was able to get a pair that I used on our Mt. Kinabalu hike last month.

Hi-Tec Lima Sport WP Hiking Boots for Women Review

What I liked about Hi-Tec Lima Sport WP Hiking Boots

1. The shoe size is just as I expected. I've got a size 9 of Hi-Tec hiking boots without really trying them on because I ordered them online. I just based the size from my previous Columbia hiking boots hoping that Hi-Tec has the same sizing. By the time the package arrived, I tried them on and they fit perfectly! I have a wide feet so I always had a hard time wearing shoes. But that's not the case with Hi-Tec Lima Sport. It has a spacious interior so my toes didn't hurt at all during our 2-day hike. 

2. It is truly waterproof and breathable. You really can't predict the weather in the mountains but there are always high chances of rain. It's better to be prepared and wear waterproof hiking boots or shoes. While hiking in Mt. Kinabalu, we experienced a heavy downpour. Despite the rain, my feet remain dry and admire Hi-Tec for that. My feet didn't feel sweaty too.

3. Good grip and comfortable to use. The Hi-Tec Lima Sport hiking boots are easy to wear and take off. The soles are thick and sturdy and they grip so well even on a wet or muddy surface. It's really comfortable to use and I never had blisters while using it for two consecutive days (around 8 hours of walking on the first day and 13 hours on the second day). I always got blisters from some of the hiking shoes I owned before even during short hikes. Now, I'm loving these Hi-Tec boots!

Hi-Tec Lima Sport WP Hiking Boots for Women

4. The laces never loosen while walking. One thing I hate the most with my previous hiking shoes are the shoelaces that keep loosening or untying by itself. It's annoying especially when you're in a long hike and you have to stop several times just to tie your shoelaces again and again. I didn't experience that with my Hi-Tec Lima Sport hiking boots. The laces are rounded and easy to tie as they're not brittle.

5. I just love the overall look. I've got a graphite-lichen color combination of these hiking boots and I really like it. I also love the mid-cut design. In all honesty, they are better than I thought because I never had a problem using this. I absolutely recommend Hi-Tec hiking boots!

What I didn't like about Hi-Tec Lima Sport WP Hiking Boots

1. It's a little bit bulky. The one and only thing I didn't like about these hiking boots is the bulkiness. It took too much space on my luggage. Even though it's quite bulky, it's surprisingly lightweight! If you don't have much space on your luggage or backpack, you can just wear it while in transit. It's not too much of an issue for me because I really love these hiking boots

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