Officially Enrolled! Homeschooling with International British Academy

International British Academy Homeschool Programme

Officially enrolled! ?

A lot of people are wondering and asking us...

How do you manage to travel often? ✈️
What about Wyatt's school? Is he always absent? ?

First, we work online so we can basically work anywhere in the world. ?

Next, Wyatt is homeschooled. ?

I first heard about homeschooling from my client in the US. I created her website Homeschool to Homeschool. I became interested and searched more about it.

It's not so popular in The Philippines but yes, it does exist. Mostly children of famous people and child actors are homeschooled.

We've been homeschooling Wyatt independently for 2 years. We don't have a curriculum provider. Our set-up is more like unschooling.

Just this year, we decided to find a homeschool provider. We attended orientation in Homeschool Global Alabang. However, we want a provider that's secular - no religious affiliation whatsoever.


I came across the website of the International British Academy and found out that they offer a Home Education Programme. We ended up enrolling Wyatt here for these reasons:

?? It's an International School providing British education. Although homeschool has an open curriculum, you can adapt the same curriculum used by their regular students.

? It's more affordable compared to other homeschool providers.

? It's just a 20-minute drive away from our home. We can easily go there if needed.

? Students under their Home Education Programme can join after-school activities/clubs like taekwondo, ballet, junior chef, arts and crafts, and more.

? You have the option to buy or just rent the books which are the same books used by the regular students.

? Parents will get support and supervision from the homeschool coordinator. They are responsive to emails if you have any questions.

Other people are skeptical about this kind of set-up. There are so many reasons why we decided to choose this path for our child's education. I'll discuss this on a separate blog post.

Homeschooling is not just inside our "home." If we can bring our work anywhere, we can also bring Wyatt's school anywhere. So instead of calling it homeschooling, the more appropriate term is worldschooling.

If you are interested in homeschooling or have any questions, just drop it in the comments section and we'll be glad to answer them. ☺️