Hong Kong: Rambler Garden Hotel Review

Hong Kong: Rambler Garden Hotel Review

We recently had our 10-day Hongkong trip. During our first two days, we stayed at Rambler Garden Hotel and the rest is in Panda Hotel. Here’s our Rambler Garden Hotel review.

Rambler Hotel Experience


The Rambler Garden Hotel is found in Tsing Yi, right by the Rambler Channel and Harbour. It's found right beside the port where ships dock, load and unload cargo containers. It's huge harbor covers mainly the eastern part of Tsing Yi. The Hotel has 5 Rambler Crest Towers, and we happen to stay at the Rambler Garden Hotel, the other Rambler Crest Towers are Mexan Harbour Hotel and Rambler Oasis Hotel. The rest of the area was set as residential places. I was pretty excited when I entered the massive tower.


The lobby was pretty ordinary as compared to the facade of the hotel. The lighting was a bit dull and the décor was pretty—meh! This kind of welcome was kind of already hinting out that we'd be having a few misses in the hotel we are going to stay at. The hallways were also pretty average—honestly, I felt let down with the appearance of it since I was expecting a huge hotel to fulfill great expectations. One more thing to note, the lobby is very noisy and always full of people especially in the morning since that is where tour guides pick up their guests. And oh! The elevator! You'll have to line up since the elevators couldn't accommodate the huge number of people checking in at Rambler Garden Hotel.


This is not a plus factor for me at all. The staffs were courteous but lack that sort of enthusiasm you'd love to appreciate. Whenever we ask questions or make requests, we have to dial in about two or three times for them to actually deliver. Although they were very polite in dealing with us, they just don't look like as if they are people who are happily working at the hotel. It is also quite unexpected that plenty of the staffs are not well-equipped with communicable English but they all did seem very nice.

Check-in and Check-out Time

The Rambler Garden Hotel follows the strict implementation of check-in which is 2pm and check-out time at 12nn. So, upon arrival, we had to settle on the ground floor a little bit and buy some stuff we needed. The entire ground floor was like a shopping area. It had a 7/11 and other smaller restaurants. They also had shops here where you can buy stuff and that was enough to consume our time by the time we got checked-in.


Alright, the room was not awe-striking. It did look clean and neatly arranged but it was cramped, more than cramped. It was pretty small and there's practically little space to move in. Not quite good when you have a pretty active little one going around all the time. I booked a Superior Room—and even if the Hotel specified that it was only 18 square meters, I didn’t really imagine it to be that small and cramped. I imagined it to be tight but this was tiny!

Anyway, since it came with two single beds, I was surprised that they put it together to make a queen sized bed. Not a good idea since the partition between the beds would be uncomfortable for anyone to get stuck in the middle of the night and this concern falls on my son, so we asked for extra pillows so we can fill in the gap. Nonetheless, the beds were very comfortable. I loved the sheets and the comforters and they really added to a great relaxing sleep.

We get the typical complimentary coffee set area with coffee and tea and an electric kettle. But with such a small space and little countertop to put in, it became a bit of a challenge to make tea. We did get slippers though, but no toiletries other than clean towels.

The toilet was also pretty cramped but just alright. It comes with a set of liquid soap, shampoo and body lotion. Our room had a great view of the harbor, at some point you can see cranes loading containers and distant wailing of the ships' horns. It adds to the cluster of this place though, it's a nice seaside sound and atmosphere.

Food and Dining

I was not expecting to be given a food voucher worth 20 HKD for a breakfast meal at Cafe Coral; it has a checklist where you get to choose which protein you'd like to have with your egg, bread, and butter—sausage, ham or luncheon meat. Funny enough, the free breakfast that came with our room is for a fast food restaurant. So, imagine yourself checked in at a hotel and be given a breakfast voucher for McDonald's. The food was ok though but there are other choices to eat at and I did prefer the food at Manchu Wok. The breakfast was not filling enough that's why we had to go to another restaurant for a more filling breakfast. With a great day ahead, we needed to load up with a full stomach and one piece of toast, a sunny side up and luncheon meat is just not going to cut it.


The hotel has a beautiful and long swimming pool. I love the relaxing atmosphere in its swimming pool area. It has nice looking sheds, great seating and it sits right between two of the Rambler Towers. It is really really long, by the way, and it also offers a great stroll along the area. We were told that there are other facilities like conference rooms and play areas but we never got to them since we were pretty much busy with going around HK than actually staying in our hotel.

Anyway, the hotel is pretty great but with a few bumps on the way. It is a budget hotel with great proximity to Hongkong Disneyland and just equal distance to Kowloon and other islands of Hongkong. Since we are only staying in the hotel for decent sleep and more time going around Hongkong, the things that are lacking in the hotel aren't such a big bother at all. Since we are all for budget and all for just a good place to rest, then this fits our criteria—cheap and decent. However, given the chance to go to Hongkong again, I would like to check out other hotels that offer better services and still at a great affordable price.

Rambler Garden Hotel

Address: 1 Tsing Yi Rd, Tsing Yi, Hong Kong

Contact Number: +852 2129 9988

Email: enquiry.garden@ramblerhotels.com