Kelty Como 6 Tent Review

Kelty Como 6

When camping with more than 2 people, it is important to purchase a tent that has ample space for each occupant and their gear. However, you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the tent when upgrading in size. Another important factor to keep in mind, especially if camping as a family with smaller children, is ease of use and convenience. Larger groups of people may also want to consider purchasing a tent that has multiple rooms for additional privacy. There are many factors to consider, but there are many options, and you will be putting up your dream tent in no time. Here's our review of Kelty Como 6 Tent

What to Look For


There is a wide range of tents out there, and there is a tent suited for every need. When adventuring during the more temperate months of summer, late spring and early fall, a 3-season tent will be suitable. These tents are lightweight and designed to shield the occupant from precipitation and insects, and to provide privacy. Extended 3-season tents function to protect the occupant from the more inclement weather of early spring and late fall. These tents are more waterproof and can withstand heavier winds than a regular 3-season. 4-season tents are the most durable and able to withstand the worst conditions. These tents can be used in any season, but are specially designed to shield you in more extreme weather. Tents are not one size fits all. A backpacker should use their own personal judgement in evaluating whether they will need a 4-season mountaineering tent, or a 3-season tent for temperate conditions.

Size and Privacy

When camping with multiple people, it’s important to consider the size. It’s uncomfortable to cram too many people into too small of a space. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a tent that is labelled as having a capacity that is 2 people more than the number of campers you have. This gives each person more room, and ample room for their gear as well. Another aspect is privacy. With so many people in one space, some people like to have separate rooms to create boundaries within the tent. There are two and even three room tents on the market that can be considered if privacy is an issue.

Tent Materials

It is important to keep in mind when shopping for a tent that fabric canopies with higher-denier materials are more rugged than those with lower-denier materials. In addition, higher-denier floors are more durable and more successful in preventing leakage. However, when comparing tents, don’t compare deniers of different materials. Different fabrics have different strengths, and it’s important to consider that when comparing durability and strength.


In many tents, mesh panels are used to provide a view and ventilate the tent to manage condensation. This is ideal for hot, humid climates. However, it holds in less warmth, so mesh panels are not as good for colder climates. They are necessary for good ventilation and to prevent condensation at higher altitudes, but you wouldn’t want the entire tent wall to be mesh for adventures in colder weather.

Overview and Features

The Kelty Como 6 tent is freestanding, designed to be spacious and easy to set up. The Como 6-person tent has a clip and pole-and-sleeve construction designed for quick and efficient pitching. This tent features oversized mesh panels for increased circulation and a large vestibule that will help keep everyone’s gear dry. The interior has mesh storage pockets to organize everyone’s gear and keep the tent cleaner and keep everything in the right place.

The body and fly have taped seams to keep moisture out and provide durability. A stowable front mud mat helps to keep everything neat and tidy, and the full coverage fly keeps everything dry and secure. The fly even has a welded, clear panel to let in light. The walls and floor are made of 68-denier polyester, which is very high and provides durable, waterproof protection. The fly is constructed of 75-denier, 1800 mm polyester, providing an even stronger barrier between you and the elements.


  • The seams are taped to keep the tent waterproof.
  • Interior mesh pockets for organizing and storing gear.
  • Combination of clips and pole-and-sleeve construction make setup as easy as possible.
  • Higher-denier ripstop fabric provides extra strength and durability.
  • The Como 6 has an included gear loft for extra storage.
  • At $359.95, it is mid-price range and is not too expensive for its quality.


  • One door makes entry and exit less convenient, especially due to its nature as a multiple-person tent.
  • At 82.5 square feet on the interior, it should be spacious and suitable for multiple people and their gear
  • Though there are mesh panels, they are not very big and circulation is not as good as it could be. With multiple people in the tent, the airflow may not be very good.


Kelty Como 6 Tent

Recommended use

camping, family

Vestibule Area

29 sq ft / 2.70 sq m


6 person





Pole type

DAC hybrid

Packed diameter

9 in / 25 cm

Number of poles


Packed length

28 in / 71 cm



Minimum weight

16 lbs 5 oz. / 7.4 kg

Clips or Sleeves

Clips & Sleeves

Packed weight

17 lbs 12 oz. / 8 kg

Interior storage

Mesh Storage Pockets

Floor area

82.5 sq ft/7.67 sq m

Wall material

68D Polyester


120 in / 305 cm

Floor material

68D polyester (1800 mm)


99 in / 251 cm

Fly material

75D polyester (1800 mm)


72 in / 183 cm

Seam sealed

Taped Seams

Overall, the Kelty Como 6 would be a good choice for multiple campers in a temperate climate. It is heavy and should be used only for car camping. Though marketed as a 6-person tent, it would comfortably fit four adults. The ventilation is poor, but the tent is durable and reliably waterproof. Pitching the Como 6 is fast and simple, making it ideal for casual trips with your friends or family where you want to be spending more time socializing. The single door may reduce convenient access with a higher number of people. It would be a good choice as a tent for a small family looking for a tent that would suit them for car camping in temperate climates.

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