Kelty Granby 4 Tent Review

Kelty Granby 4

Camping with multiple people can be difficult, and it's important to factor in how many campers will be occupying your tent and how much space and privacy they will need. If your tent is too small, it will be cramped and uncomfortable, with too many people and their supplies in one space. With many people, additional features such as vestibules and interior storage pockets can be useful to make efficient use of space. In addition, you still want to make sure that your tent is of durable materials, and is waterproof and weather-resistant to keep you protected from the elements. Convinced? This Kelty Granby 4 can be your choice.

What to Look For

Size and Weight

When purchasing a new tent, you want to make sure that it can accommodate the number of campers in your party. Keep in mind that most tents will actually only comfortably hold less people than it is advertised as being able to hold. It is better to buy a tent advertised as having a capacity that is bigger than the amount of people who will be occupying your tent. This will ensure that everyone in your party will be comfortable and will have enough room to store their gear and have a little privacy. Another aspect to consider is that some tents have two or even three rooms. This can provide additional privacy and is good for families and larger groups of people.


An informed tent purchase requires the careful consideration of the climate you will be staying in. This will affect the type of season that you should be shopping. Tent seasons represent what kind of weather that a tent can endure. There are three main types of tent seasons: 3-season, extended 3-season, and 4-season. 3-season tents are the most common. They are lightweight and are good for mild, more temperate conditions in the summer months, as well as late spring and early fall. They are designed to shield the occupant from precipitation and insects and provide privacy. Extended 3-season tents are more hardy, and are designed to withstand the heavier precipitation and winds of early spring and late fall. 4-season tents are exactly what the name implies. They are the most durable tents, and are built to hold up under the more extreme conditions that would be found in the winter months.

Tent Design and Materials

The durability of a tent depends greatly on its design and the materials that it is constructed out of. A strong tent should be created out of a higher-denier material with a waterproof finish. Lower-denier materials tend to be less durable. However, it is important to consider that looking at the denier of different fabrics is not an equal comparison. Different fabrics are different strengths, and the denier affects the strength of the tent differently. Another important factor to be considered in tent design is if the seams are taped. Taped seams make the tent more watertight and provide greater strength.


The breathability of a tent’s materials is important to provide a comfortable interior climate to the tent’s occupants. Ventilation also reduces condensation inside the tent. Ventilation is provided by mesh panels of varying sizes. It’s important to consider the climate that you will be camping in, and determine for yourself if larger mesh panels are necessary. You should consider that increased ventilation decreases the amount of heat that stays in the tent. This is a factor to be kept in mind when camping in colder climates.

Overview and Features

The Kelty Granby 4 person tent is designed to hold multiple occupants as comfortably as possible. It is a freestanding, 3-season tent that is outfitted with two doors and constructed of three poles. It has two vestibules with an interior organization system to efficiently hold the occupant’s gear. It is designed to be simple to set up with clip and pole-sleeve construction. The capped pole-sleeves provide additional durability. The Granby 4 has mesh panels to provide ventilation and a view for the occupants. The fly has vents to keep the air circulating, and clear window panels for a continuous unobstructed view of the surrounding scenery.

The floor and fly seams are taped to add additional waterproofing. The poles are made of a DAC hybrid, and the canopy material is dye-free 68-denier polyester. The floor is constructed of 68-denier, 1800 mm nylon, and the fly is 75-denier, 1800 mm polyester. This high-denier material provides for a durable, weather-resistant tent. The Kelty Granby 4 has a floor area of 58 square feet, which would be tight for four campers and their gear. It will fit four standard sleeping bags, however, for additional comfort, you may want to purchase this tent for a trip with only two or three occupants.


  • The freestanding, continuous pole-sleeve and clip construction makes it stable and easy to set up.
  • Two vestibules with interior pockets provide organization and storage for gear.
  • Interior mesh pockets help organize gear and provide quick gear storage.
  • High-denier materials create a durable tent.
  • Taped seams make the tent more waterproof.


  • At 58 square feet, the Kelty Granby 4 would be comfortable for two or three occupants, but would be cramped with four campers.
  • Though there are mesh panels and vents in the fly, the air circulation in this tent is not very efficient.
  • This tent is only suitable for base camping, as it has a minimum weight of 16 lb, 4 oz.
  • The footprint is sold separately, and is a good choice to prevent distress on the tent floor. It may, unfortunately, be an additional cost.


Kelty Granby 4 Tent

Recommended use





4 person

Pole type

DAC Hybrid aluminum



Number of poles


Packed dimensions

8 x 28 in



Minimum weight

16 lbs 4 oz

Clips or Sleeves

Clips and Sleeves

Packed weight

16 lbs 15 oz

Interior storage

Internal Storage Pockets

Floor area

58 sq ft

Fly material

75D Polyester, 1800 mm


65 in

Canopy material

68D Polyester



Floor material

68D Polyester, 1800 mm

Vestibule Area

32 sq ft + 6 sq ft

Seam sealed

Taped Seams

Overall, the Kelty Granby 4 would be an excellent choice for a trip in temperate climates with two or three campers sharing a tent. It would be very cramped if filled to capacity. The Granby 4 is constructed of waterproof, high-quality materials to make a durable, weather-resistant tent. It is simple to setup and has efficient interior storage. However, the ventilation is poor, and it may get stuffy. It would be a good choice for casual car camping in mild weather.

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