Klook Review: An Awesome Mobile App for Travellers

Klook Review

Alright, a lot of people think that we have plenty of money to blow that's why we can go to different places in other countries. On the contrary, we earn an average living and live off on an average family income. I guess, the only difference is that I put time and effort into making a great trip out of town or out of the country that is well within the budget. If we can't afford, we'll skip it until we find a promo fare and other great deals online.

Anyway, I came across Klook that practically sells tickets, sim cards, wifi rental, and other awesome travel deals for cheaper prices. Even online prices from the main websites of certain destinations won't compare to the ticket prices sold on Klook. With really competitive rates (even more competitive than travel agencies), this is a really handy tool that made our tour much easier, simpler and so much affordable.

By using Klook, we found ourselves traveling to different cities in South East and Eastern Asia and that includes our trip to Hong Kong. On our upcoming trip to Thailand on September, of course, we’re going to use Klook again. Going to faraway places are pretty difficult when you wing it, but if you plan it nicely and just go for those nice detours, you will enjoy every single minute of your affordable trip using Klook.

It's been our gateway to some of our international travels. We were able to get awesome deals that you can’t find anywhere.

Our Klook Review

Here are the reasons why we love using Klook as our cheap travel buddy:

  • Exclusive discounts to almost 60% off the original price
  • Customized travel options like choice of places to visit
  • Get promo codes and earn credits every time you book
  • The credits has monetary value that can be used as payment
  • Saves you time because you can skip very long lines if you book with Klook
  • Discover new activities in your city of choice
  • Last minute booking? You can use the voucher immediately
  • Safe and secure bookings, and all are hassle-free

How to use Klook?

Klook allows its users to choose great places to go to at cheaper options in the place you want to visit. For example, if you want to go to China, you can choose the top cities in the country; you will be given an endless list of activities to do and places to visit and all at discounted prices. You will have the option to choose sites to tour, theme parks to enjoy, sights to see, and nature to relish. And all in six simple steps:

  • Download the app on the AppStore and Google PlayStore or go their website at www.klook.com
  • Choose your destination
  • Find an activity (Food and Wellness, Attractions and Shows, Tours and Sightseeing, etc.)
  • You'll get a list of promos via the app or the website
  • Choose which one fits your preference best
  • Select the dates you want to travel to and the package quantity or how many persons you are booking.
  • Specify your details and method of Payment (Credit Card or Paypal)

After you book, you will be given promo codes, in addition to the existing promo they have that you can use on your next purchase. They always have additional deals to give you on your preferred place of travel. It's super easy to use and you are sure to get a discount no matter where you want to go.

On the downside, Klook only offers promos for top cities in some countries only. It doesn't have a wide array of cities to travel to but still, they have several listings for tours and other activities. I do look forward to view more countries so that we can travel more using Klook.

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