Marmot Force UL 2P Tent Review

Marmot Force UL 2P Tent

Marmot Force UL 2P Tent Review

It is a fact that hiking is one of my favorite activities, and have been mountain climbing as long as I can remember. One thing that I have come to realize is that with better preparation, great gear, and detailed planning, your outdoor venture will be a blast. In all cases, experts have recommended that campers get a high quality tent that meets their unique needs. The last camping activity was quite a success; and with a Marmot Force UL 2P tent, I did have a terrific time out there. Of course, I recommend this tent for both new and experienced campers because of its unique features that come in handy when camping in the wild.

What Marmot Force UL 2P offers to users?

It goes without saying that if you are a backpacker, the Marmot Force UL 2P will help you a great deal because of its unique features. This tent is ideal for 2 persons but can as well serve solo backpackers without any problem. To begin with, I’d like to clearly state that this tent is lightweight in nature and only weights an average of 2.5 pounds and offers a 3-season protection. It doesn’t compromise on utility value whatsoever! It is PU coated too, and this guarantees protection from harsh elements, and at the same time enhances durability. The better part is that the tent is quite affordable and you can always get it on reputable online stores.

Marmot Force UL 2P Tent

A great tent must have fully taped fly and floor, of which this tent scores pretty high. I was amazed that this tent over delivers when it comes the type of mesh used. As such, you can always be sure that in warm and dry camping trips, you will have a sense of peace with no heat issues at all. Furthermore, setting up of the tent is as easy as counting 123 and you will never undergo complex procedures that will eat into your time. In my outdoor trip, it took me only but a few minutes and was done. The 4 poles are of great quality, and the fact that it is made of aluminum DAC material makes it withstand storms that nature can throw at you. It also comes with strategic clips that make it sturdier, not to mention providing campers with an ideal inside internal space.

Marmot Force UL 2P Tent


2 lbs 14.5 oz

Vestibule Areas

7.9 sq ft, 3.8 sq ft

Tent Floor Fabric

20d 100% Nylon

Floor Area

28 sq ft

Tent Canopy Fabric

15d 100% Nylon


38 x 50 x 85 in


3 DAC NFL 8.7mm



If you have a door problem with your tent, then you better think twice and get Marmot Force UL 2P for your next trip. It comes with 2 fully functioning doors and vestibules that are of high quality. I use one compartment to store my dirty belongings, separating with the cleaner ones. At least, this helped me get organized without necessarily bothering my husband whom I was camping with. In regard to quality, I’m all praises because there are times I thought to myself I would carry home a tattered tent. The 52x86-inch floor dimensions is a plus for someone who needs ample space to do his or her stuff. Last but not least, Marmot Force UL 2P has a peak height of 38-inches which is still good by all standards.

A few things I didn’t like

I have been pitching tents during my camping activities for some time now. I didn’t like the fact that the outer tent was not self standing, and this bothered me a little bit as I had some weird experience while camping in a windy environment. And so, I decided to pitch in the direction the wind was blowing. My advice is that never pitch against the wind as you might end up messing your trip.

Marmot Force UL 2P Tent

I was also a little bit worried about the quality of pegs that the manufacturers provided. In this case, I was unsure whether they can stand 3 seasons, but I got through without any damages. They were a bit heavy too, while I personally prefer the lighter types. If quality of mess is anything to go by, Marmot Force UL 2P is quite fragile and can easily get damaged if you are not careful. All in all, I liked the entire quality of the tent and had a terrific trip that was worthwhile. It is a great tent with only small things that need to be corrected or revamped, if I may say.

If you are the kind of person who likes going out in the wild with your partner, this tent is a better option and never costs a fortune. It is also a time-saver because of its simple pitching procedures, not to mention sturdier poles that make the entire process a breeze. It is worth every single coin spent-highly recommended for both hikers and backpackers! 

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