Marmot Thor 2P Tent Review

Marmot Thor 2P Tent Review

Marmot Thor 2P Tent Review

The Marmot Thor 2P is a tent that I can recommend to anyone based on my previous experience using it for my outdoor adventures. It is one of a kind in regard to quality, and offers users exceptional features that they can take advantage of. It goes without saying that the technology used in the manufacturing process is at par with camping needs. Furthermore, its size comes in handy when you are thinking of going for a group hiking venture. If you have been looking for a tent that can stand the test of time, look no further than the Marmot Thor 2P. The highly durable materials used to make it is something that makes it stand tall among the rest. Having said this, here are some of the details you should know.

Top Benefits of Marmot Thor 2P

It is acknowledged that the type of tent you chose to use ultimately determines how eventful your camping will be. I can attest to the fact that with Marmot Thor 2P, you will experience a few problems or none at all. It all depends on variable factors that determine the end result. At the end of the day, you need to have a blast in your adventures!

Marmot Thor 2P Tent Review

This tent offers users the benefit of 2 D-shaped doors that make exit and entry easier. If you happen to be with your friends, couple, or colleagues, you will never have to worry about anything to do with movement in and out of the tent. Also, this tents comes with a marmot knees system, internal guy system, and poled vestibule, of which make your camping life easier than you expected quite enjoyable. It is with the bare bones set up that you will never struggle to pitch the tent, as long as you know the direction of the wind and the set up process is completed in split second.

The welded Velcro attachments made the tent sturdier while the window guaranteed durability in one way or another. In as much as other tents will offer you reflective points, not all are that good and helpful. However, with the Marmot Thor 2P, light-reflective points will make it easier for you to get organized well even in the darkest of nights. A field repair kit comes in handy too, and this is something that you will always want to lay your hands on in case of any minor problems caused by wind.

Marmot Thor 2P Tent

Max weight

8 lbs 6 oz


43 x 56 x 93 in

Min weight

7 lbs 10 oz

Floor Area

38 sq ft

Canopy Fabric

20d 100% Nylon



Floor Fabric

70d 100% Nylon



Fly Fabric

50d 100% Poly RS

Packed Size

20 x 8 in

The jingle-free nylon zipper pulls will make it easier for you to operate the tent. If you really desire to have a tent that you can use for several seasons without showing strange wear signs, then make this tent your number one choice. The zippers are made of quality materials and will not need any replacements soon.

Finer details you need to know about

Marmot Thor 2P Tent Review

I have been using this tent for my camping ventures in some of the coldest summits. They are great and you can always bank on them to perform better if they are pitched on solid ground. This said, Marmot Thor 2P tent is one camping product that is made of some of the highest quality materials available. For instance, the floor fabric is 100% nylon and boasts of 5000mm W/R,FR, and what this means is that you will have a really nice deep sleep. You will never have to worry too much about the condition of the ground.

It weighs an average of 134oz, has a tent pole diameter of 9mm, and a peak height of 43 inches. Additionally, with this tent you will enjoy the benefits that come with durable and high quality tent pole material-DAC featherlite. This is not all that you can benefit, as the vestibule area of 10 sq ft is nothing but ideal for campers who have lots of things to store safely. The 6 poles will always make your tent withstand strong winds-no surprises from Mother Nature! In as much as this tent is good for camping, it is vital that you purchase from reliable store to get value for your money. At the end of the day, you can use it for 4 seasons without the need to spend money on another tent.


This tent is not light as such, but fairly light for someone to carry it around during the trip. Also, packing is quite cumbersome but this is always the case with heavy-duty type of tents. The tent has 6 poles in total; however, four of them do not have straight bits and this was also problematic to me.

It is true that Marmot Thor 2P has a few cons, but overall it is a tent that I can recommend to anyone looking for high-value tents that can stand the test of time.

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