A Mountaineer in the City

A Mountaineer in the City

How long has it's been since your last hike? Maybe you're missing the mountains so much! But you know what, you can also be a mountaineer in the city!

A mountaineer in the city is someone who:

  • wears headlamp at home and very excited to use it when there’s power outage;
  • wants to run out of LPG so that he can use his cookset and portable stove;
  • pitches the tent inside the room or outside the house and he is very happy when his neighbors see it;
  • is proud of his hiking backpack while walking along the road and seems there’s an arrogance coming out from him;
  • says mam/sir to every person he meets if he can’t address the name;
  • stocks jelly ace on the refrigerator as trail food for unexpected climbs;
  • always say “good morning mam/sir”, “take care”, even to his most hated boss;
  • is excited to post the pictures of his recent climb regardless of the body pain;
  • wants to talk and make friends to anyone he saw wearing trekking pants and backpack;
  • lectures proper waste disposal to his officemates even they’re annoyed;
  • is really concerned to the nature and he’s becoming an environmentalist;
  • skips one or two meals to save a penny and spend it on his next climb;
  • walks as long as his feet can reach the destination;
  • scolded by his parents because they can’t almost see him in the house.

Can you relate? I know that there’s a lot more but these are only some of the mountaineer’s traits when they are in the city. People around us say that we’re just putting our feet to the grave but no one can stop us on climbing. We climb because we’re happy with what we are doing and there’s a feeling of fulfillment when we’re on top.

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