Mt. Amuyao

Wyatt in Mt. Amuyao

Mount Amuyao is the tenth highest mountain in the Philippines. It is located in Mountain Province and is one of the most popular destinations in the region. With a rich biodiversity, most of the paths are littered with colorful flowers and rice terraces. Several rare species are to be found only on these lands. The summit itself bursts with all kinds of beautiful floras and grassy fields, especially if you catch it in bloom. But, most of all, the world's famous Unesco World Heritage Site, “Ifugao Rice Terraces” can be seen from these mountains. Hikers can appreciate the national treasure as they pass through the product of hard work of our natives.

Another contribution of the locals in this area would be the stories surrounding the mountains. Igorot folklore speaks of legends about Bugan and Wigan. These are interesting stories you may ask about if you happen to meet a local.

However, beware of the cold weather up in the summit. It has been rumored to reach zero degrees Celsius, so it is best to be prepared for the worst. But for sure, the view up in the peak is not something you want to miss. For a challenging hike, make sure to include Mount Amuyao in your to-do list!

Elevation: 2,702 m above sea level

Wyatt in Mt. Amuyao
Wyatt in Mt. Amuyao

Barlig Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Days needed to complete hike: 1 to 2 days

Average hike duration to reach summit (From jump-off point): 5 to 7 hours

Major jump-off point: Sitio Macalana, Barlig, Mt. Province; Batad, Ifugao

Barlig trail is probably the most known path up Mount Amuyao. Before reaching the major jump-off point, hikers get to experience the beautiful environment of Mount Polis and Mount Alemmona. You will be greeted by mossy, pine forests, creating a refreshing surrounding for your trek. Hikers would pass through various rice fields and viewpoints. Stairways are available throughout the hike but you’ll have to spend hours and hours climbing up and down these steps. You will also pass by a few bodies of water. There are several holding areas on this mountain. You may opt to rent a bunk bed to make your nights more relaxing and convenient. They have electricity up there!

When you reach the summit, beautiful flowers are scattered all over the place, adding colors to the already spectacular view. Climbers will see the different peaks of mountains in Cordillera. Aside from these, you may watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset there.

Barlig – Batad Traverse Trail

Difficulty: Very hard

Days needed to complete hike: 3 to 4 days

Average hike duration to reach summit (From jump-off point): 5 to 7 hours

Entry point: Sitio Macalana, Barlig, Mt. Province

Exit point: Batad Junction, Banaue, Ifugao

Wyatt in Mt. Amuyao
Wyatt in Mt. Amuyao

The Barlig – Batad traverse trail is another must try when hiking up in the Cordilleras. In a span of 3 to 4 days, mountaineers will be treated to a lot of different sights. From Mount Amuyao summit to a UNESCO Heritage site, the Ifugao rice terraces, you get to experience a challenging but rewarding trail.

Following the same trail as the first one, you will reach the summit and see the beautiful view up Mount Amuyao. After which, proceed to the trail for Pat-yay, where colorful flowers follow your trail. Continue on through the forest until you reach the stream. Once you enter Pat-yay, you will recognize the familiar view of terraces and Ifugao huts. Spend a few hours there and you’re set to continue your journey down the mountains. You’ll pass through Cambulo village and the Batad saddle, where you continue to see the rice terraces. The view remains spectacular and you will definitely want to see more.

How to Get There

It’s important to plan your trip in advance to make sure you know exactly what to do and where to go on the day itself. Here are some ways to get to your destination:

Barlig Trail

(Banaue, Ifugao – Barlig, Mountain Province – Jump off point)

Since both trails would have the same starting point, here is a quick overview on how to get to the jump-off point. Starting from Banaue, Ifugao, ride a jeepney set to go to Barlig, Mountain Province. There is a public jeep available at certain times of the day. However, it would be more convenient to arrange a ride prior to your trip. Once you get to Barlig, make sure to drop by the tourism office to secure necessary permits and guides. After which, you may proceed to the jump-off area!

Wyatt in Mt. Amuyao
Wyatt in Mt. Amuyao

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