Mt. Apo

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Mount Apo is the highest mountain in the Philippines. Located in Southern Mindanao, its trails start off mostly in Davao del Sur and North Cotabato. This tall landform houses incredible nature with its rich forests, rocky landscapes and refreshing waters.

By utilizing several different trails, mountaineers can expect to experience nature as it truly is. This unforgettable trek will introduce you to different types of environments as you hike through large boulders, pass through sulphur vents and hear animals in their natural habitats. And when you reach the summit, you can proudly say you’re on the highest point of the country. Reward yourself by exploring the different peaks and seeing Lake Venado.

It is important to note, however, that other difficult trails of Mount Apo should be reserved for more experienced hikers due to the challenging journey up the summit. Make sure you know the dos and don’ts when climbing and follow safety guidelines to ensure maximum enjoyment throughout your adventure. Be mindful of the weather and make necessary arrangements before you embark on your journey. For sure, this is an experience you will never forget.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start your journey to reach the top!

Elevation: 2,956 m above sea level

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Kidapawan - Magpet Traverse trail

Difficulty: Hard

Days needed to complete hike: 3 days

Average hike duration to reach summit (From jump-off point): 10 to 11 hours

Starting point: Brgy. Ilomavis, Kidapawan City, North Cotabato

Ending point: Ending point: Brgy. Kisandal, Magpet

The Kidapawan trail is said to be one of the easiest trail up the Philippines’ tallest mountain. With that being said, mountaineers still should not belittle this hike. Like most trails up Mt. Apo, the Kidapawan trail requires hikers to cross several lakes, rivers and hot springs. Each new challenge reminds you that this hike is no walk in the park. This trail also includes two steep, killer trails: the 87 and 90 degrees trails. There are two campsites where hikers may opt to rest, the Mainit hot springs and Lake Venado. In between these two campsites lies a thick, vast forest.

After reaching the summit, most hikers choose to go down using the Magpet trail. You will pass by the Bongolanon Falls, a must see beauty. Hikers can cool off here with a refreshing swim. If you want to rest, you can stop by the Bobbong campsite.

Kapatagan Trail

Difficulty: Hard

Days needed to complete hike: 2 to 3 days

Average hike duration to reach summit (From jump-off point): 10 to 11 hours

Major jump-off point: Brgy. Mainit, Digos, Davao de Sur

Kapatagan trail is another usual route taken up to Mt. Apo. This trail passes through mossy forests and rocky landscapes. True to its volcanic history, there are large boulders and sulphuric vents along the way. There are several campsites such as Godi-godi and Summit campsite. Be sure to choose wisely when to stop and rest, or else you’ll end up trekking in the dark!

Sibulan Trail

Difficulty: Very Hard

Days needed to complete hike: 3 to 4 days

Average hike duration to reach summit (From jump-off point): 14 to 16 hours

Major jump-off point: Brgy. Sibulan, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur

The Sibulan trail is a more challenging one among all trails leading up to the summit. Being the trail used by the first ever person to reach Mt. Apo summit, this is one of the oldest known trails up the mountain. Hikers would have to cross various rivers, climb up walls, and try to swing across waters. This trail boasts amazing natural scenery. The Amalciga century tree is another thing to watch out for in this trail.

As for campsites, you may choose among several different areas. The first of which is the Tudaya Elementary School. Make sure to drop by the Tudaya Falls as it is a sight to behold. Takamuri campsite and Tinikaran holding camps are other camping sites hikers may stop at. All of these holding sites are good places to stop and enjoy the wonders of nature.

Talomo – Apo Traverse Trail

Difficulty: Very Hard

Days needed to complete hike: 4 to 5 days

Average hike duration per day: 12 to 14 hours

Starting point: Purok 6, Tamayong, Calinan, Davao City

Ending point: Sitio Mainit, Brgy. Kapatagan, Digos, Davao del Sur

This traverse trail combines two of the highest peaks in the country. With that being said, hikers can expect this to be most challenging and strenuous climb. Although for a nature lover, this experience is most rewarding. They will encounter mossy forests, sulphur vents, huge boulders among others. Aside from this, hikers will also pass through Lake Venado. Rest assured, there are campsites and villages along the way to stop and rest. A few examples would be Mt. Sicao Village, Lumot campsite and Basinan campsite. You may also camp in Talomo summit and wait for the sunrise.

Be reminded that this trail is only recommended to highly trained and highly experienced hikers.​

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How to Get There

It’s important to plan your trip in advance to make sure you know exactly what to do and where to go on the day itself. Here are some ways to get to your destination:

Kidapawan Trail

(Davao City – Kidapawan City – Starting point)

From Davao City, you may choose to hire a van to Kidapawan City. Make sure to do some research before you go. Aside from renting, you may also opt to use the public bus. Choose wisely to make sure everything goes as scheduled!

Once you reach Kidapawan, you will need to register and secure guides for your hike. This can be done at the tourism office. This is to ensure hikers know the rules and regulations when climbing Mount Apo. From there, you may start your adventure by proceeding to Brgy. Ilomavis.

After your stop at the Visitors’ Center, you are set to go to the different jump-off points of the various trails. This is where final arrangements, such as hiring guides and porters, will be made.

Kapatagan Trail

(Davao – Digos – Starting point)

From Davao Ecoland Terminal, take a bus to Digos. Then, ride a van going to Kapatagan. This is where you would register your hike and secure guides. Make sure you have enough supplies to last your whole trip! After going through all necessary arrangements, hire a motorcycle or a habal-habal to your starting point.

Sibulan Trail

(Davao – Darong – Sibulan Barangay Hall – Starting point)

From Darong, hire a motorcycle to get to Sibulan Barangay Hall. This is where hikers would receive necessary briefings and orientations. From here, you may proceed to Sibulan river where your adventure officially starts. As this is a long hike, you may opt to set arrangements with guides and porters. 

Talomo – Apo Trail

(Davao – Calinan – Starting point)

From Davao City, take a jeepney to Calinan Public Market. After which, you may choose to set an arrangement to send you to the starting point. Be reminded to stock up on supplies while in the city to make sure you have everything you need for your journey!

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