Mt. Romelo

Wyatt in Mt. Romelo

Mount Romelo is located in Siniloan, Laguna. The trail snaking through the mountain is wet and muddy, housing a nice and refreshing natural environment. One thing to look forward to when you visit Mount Romelo is the abundance of waterfalls raging on the mountain. Once you reach these beautiful bodies of water, there are a lot of different activities to try out. For the adventurous type, you may try rappelling and all sorts of other stunts as you explore these falls. Horseback riding is also available in the mountain.

The summit of Mount Romulo offers a great view of Laguna and Laguna de Bay. Although a nice scenery to look at, people flock to Mount Romelo for the waterfalls experience. It wouldn’t hurt to get a quick glance of the wonderful view though.

However, the popularity of Mount Romelo has encouraged locals to start doing business in the mountain. It is not unusual to see stalls set up where refreshments and various snacks are available for purchase. Lately, the amount of people constructing their own infrastructures has increased, thus boosting the population there. We hope that locals and visitors alike remain responsible and aware of the things they leave behind. Another thing to remember is the safety concerns up in Mount Romelo. Throughout the years, reports of theft and hold-ups have been rampant in the mountain. Although efforts have been done to secure the area, make sure to be extra vigilant and observant of your surroundings when going on this hike.

As for weather concerns, climbers usually have different opinions when it comes to choosing the best time to hike up Mount Romelo. A lot of people would prefer the dry season in order to avoid the muddy trails. The muddy trails create a big challenge especially for beginners. But this would mean compromising the beauty of the waterfalls. The falls are at its best during rainy season because that is the time when water is most abundant in the mountains. It is up to you to decide which option is better. Just be sure to avoid extreme weather conditions to maximize your hiking experience.​

Elevation: 240 m above sea level

Wyatt in Mt. Romelo
Wyatt in Mt. Romelo

Mount Romelo

Difficulty: Easy

Days needed to complete hike: 1 day

Average hike duration to reach summit (From jump-off point): 1 to 3 hours

Major jump-off point: Barangay Macatad, Upland Siniloan, Laguna

The trail starts off with a relatively easy trail. Hikers will have to cross a small stream, so expect to get wet! The trails are also known to get quite muddy. Exercise proper caution when the slippery paths start to get steeper. But the trail remains pretty straightforward all throughout. Follow the path until you reach the designated campsite.

From the first campsite, Buruwisan Falls is just a few more steps away. So after you’ve rested, head on over to the first waterfalls you’ll visit! This waterfalls is beautiful with its clear and refreshing waters falling from 180 feet above you. The scene is decorated with long vines creeping up the rock walls and a large catch basin perfect for a quick dip! Grab a quick bite as you refresh yourselves. After, proceed to Lanzones Falls not far from there and enjoy another great sight. Swim, take pictures and enjoy the falls before beginning your descent.​

With the overnight option, hikers get to experience more waterfalls deep within Mount Romelo. Set up camp at the campsite near Buruwisan Falls and start exploring the area! For the first day, aside from Buruwisan Falls, hikers get to visit Batya batya and Sampaloc falls. Each waterfalls has its own appeal, may it be its beautiful rock walls or cool, refreshing waters. Once you’ve had enough fun for one day, head back to the campsite and rest for another great day tomorrow!​

The following morning, start your day early and visit the famous Old Buruwisan Falls. One has to rappel to get to this area, but the experience is all worth it. After a few hours, proceed to Lanzones Falls, the last stop for this adventure. Begin your descent and be back at the jump-off point in a few hours.

The overnight option is highly recommended for this trip. It allows visitors to maximize their time in Mount Romelo and visit more of its wonders. So, if you have enough time to spare, why not try spending the night in the mountains? It definitely gets you out of the hustle in the city and lets you be at one with nature for a few hours!​

Wyatt in Mt. Ulap
Wyatt in Mt. Romelo

How to Get There

It’s important to plan your trip in advance to make sure you know exactly what to do and where to go on the day itself. Here are some ways to get to your destination:

Mount Romelo

(Siniloan, Laguna – Barangay Outpost – Jump-off point)

From Manila, take a bus to Siniloan, Laguna. Usually, the buses will drop you off at a junction very near Mount Romelo. Most drivers are familiar with the area, so it is safe to ask them to drop you off at the foot of Mount Romelo. After getting off, drop by the barangay outpost to register and pay necessary fees. Local guides are available at the registration area. But hiring guides are not mandatory, meaning you are free to trek on your own as long as you know the way.

Another alternative is to take a jeepney from Manila to Tanay, Rizal. Once there, ride another jeepney bound for Siniloan, Laguna. Lastly, take a trike to Barangay Macatad where the jump-off point is located. Likewise, drop by the barangay outpost to register.

For those who are able to take private transportation to Mount Romelo, this is the most convenient option. Take your own cars or find a van available for charter if you are traveling in a group. Although traffic can get heavy, so make sure to plan accordingly.​ Please also note that parking space at the jump-off point is limited.

Wyatt in Mt. Ulap
Wyatt in Mt. Romelo

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