Negros Occidental: Go Hotels Bacolod Review

Bacolod is always a great place to go to! It is famous for the MassKara Festival but other than that, it's surrounded by good places to go and visit. Bacolod is beautiful and historical, yet a highly urbanized city in the Island of Negros, and I love it there. During our vacation there, we stayed in Go Hotels Bacolod.

Go Hotels Bacolod Experience


Go Hotels Bacolod is found right by the road. It's pretty near the Airport because it is only a 30-minute drive away. The bright golden yellow and green colors of the building are easy to spot when you're on your way to the City of Bacolod. It's a great location since there are tons of tourist spots around like the infamous 'The Ruins', and just a minute walk to Robinsons Bacolod. Across the street are trees and fresh area while behind the hotel is the Central, where you can find places to eat and places to buy the things you need.

Go Hotels Bacolod Review

Central at the back of Go Hotels Bacolod


Upon entering the Place for Juan, you are welcomed with the tri-colored theme of Go Hotels—white, yellow, and green. We received a very warm welcome from the staff. The lobby had tons of modern seats for guests to wait in and beautiful traditional decorations lining the walls. Since they're pretty strict with the check-in time and we're there very early in the morning, we went first to some tourist spots in Negros Occidental. During our stay, their elevator isn’t working so we have to take the stairs every time we go out and back.

Go Hotels Bacolod Review


Okay, for the good part of this hotel... We're pretty happy that even if it's a budget hotel, the room was definitely above average for the price. We booked a Queen Room and we're pretty happy with it. It was clean and very well-maintained. The bed was comfortable and there were tons of pillows too. Since it was just me and my family, we were comfortable and we did fit well in the bed together. The room was adequately spacious with enough room to move around. We're also blessed with a big window with a great view of the greenery up front. For a cheap price, we got a fully equipped room. It has a cable TV, a full desk, table and chairs, and toiletries—although, the shampoo and soap are just for one time use.

The toilet was clean and neat. Everything was spick and span and very nicely arranged. The toilet had modern fixtures, so it's minimalist and hip. The shower was great too. It's a nice way of relaxing after taking a stroll under the really hot tropical weather. Anyway, I just wished that the air conditioning can go colder because we were there at the height of the hot summer season. Internet was not a problem for me since I always brought my pocket wifi. But using the hotel internet, well, it's not as fast as you'd expect it to be.

Go Hotels Bacolod Review

Food and Dining

Most budget hotels don't come with a restaurant and this was not an exception. But since it's found in such a great location, you don't have to go far to get a decent and affordable meal. We usually exit at the back door since it's just a street across Robinson's and very accessible to public transport, as well as great places to eat in.

All in all, we loved our stay there. Cheap, simple, neat and accessible – those are all we need whenever we go to new places. As a tourist, I don't expect to stay much in a place with tons of amenities that I won't be able to use anyway. We're there for a good time and booking a hotel where we can get a great shut eye is the only requirement we have for a good relaxing stay and that's definitely what we got from Go Hotels Bacolod. We will definitely come back there again.

Go Hotels Bacolod

Address: Lacson St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

Contact Number: (034) 441 0774