Never Say You Conquer the Mountains

Never Say You Conquer the Mountains

Before anything else, let's define the word conquer. When you look up in the dictionary, the word conquer means:

  • To defeat or subdue by force, especially by force of arms.
  • To gain possession or secure control of or as if by force of arms.
  • To overcome or surmount by physical, mental, or moral force.
  • To be victorious; win. Gain victory.

This word is very easy to understand. By the definition itself, I don't get it why many climbers are saying, "I conquer Mt. _______!" Yes, we should never say we conquer the mountains because that will never happen.

Climbers are never in a battle with mountains so we have no right to use the word "conquer" over a certain mountain. Remember that the mountains are already there even before we exist and we are just visitors when we climb them.

Although you have climbed the highest or the most difficult and deadly mountain, you still have no right to say that you conquered them. There's a quote from Sir Edmund Hillary (the first to summit Mt. Everest) that we should always keep in mind:

It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.

Yes. Reaching the summit means we conquer ourselves. We conquer our own weaknesses. We conquer our negative thoughts. We conquer our tiredness. We conquer nothing but ourselves.

And as a reward, the mountain welcomes us with a very relaxing ambiance, fresh air, and beautiful views. If you are fortunate, you can witness a cottony sea of clouds and a wonderful sunrise or sunset.

Again, my fellow mountain climbers, never say you conquer the mountains. We conquer ourselves when climbing them.

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