The North Face Homestead Roomy 2 Tent Review

The North Face Homestead Roomy 2

When two people are camping together, it’s important that the tent have enough room to comfortably fit them both in addition to their gear. Most tents tend to be very conservative on the space aspect. As a general rule, it’s better to purchase a tent that has a listed capacity that is more than the amount of people that will be occupying your tent. The North Face Homestead Roomy 2 is a two-person tent that is actually big enough for two people and their gear. Space and privacy is a huge factor in comfortable camping, and should be a consideration when purchasing a new tent.

What to Look For

Size and Type

As aforementioned, the number of occupants is a major consideration when purchasing a new tent. You don’t want to cram six people into a two person tent! It’s important to do a headcount of the campers that will be occupying your new temporary home, and buy accordingly. Remember that tents run smaller than they are advertised. Another factor is privacy. There are different types of tents. Some have multiple rooms, which is ideal when camping as a family or with a large group of friends. This separates the occupants to provide privacy. Weight is also a factor. If you are going to be backpacking or canoe camping, you will want your tent to be as lightweight as you can get. If you are car camping, the weight does not matter so much, and you can afford a heavier-built tent.


The seasonality of a tent is a measure of durability. A tent’s season is a good guide for determining what you need for each climate. There are three main categories of tent seasons; 3-season, extended 3-season, and 4-season. 3-season tents are lightweight, and are designed to keep you dry and protected from insects and precipitation. They are ideal for the temperate conditions of late spring, summer, and early fall. Extended 3-season tents are a little more durable and can withstand the snow and winds of early spring and late fall in addition to the summer weather. 4-season tents are the most durable. They are able to withstand the stronger winds and heavier snowfall of the winter months. They offer the most complete protection from inclement weather.

Tent Materials

The materials that a tent is made out of are very important. You want to look for something that is of the best quality for your dollar. If you are will be carrying your tent around on your back, you will also want to look for lightweight materials. Tents that have fabric made of higher-denier materials are more durable than tents with lower-denier materials. The average tent fabric is around 40-denier. A good idea for any tent, particularly one constructed of lower quality materials, is to purchase a footprint to protect the tent floor. This will lengthen your tent’s period of usability.


panels are good for cross-ventilation in tents to reduce humidity and interior condensation. This does, however, sacrifice some of the heat that is kept in the tent. Mesh panels are necessary for the tent to be comfortable, but you may want to pay attention to how much of the canopy is mesh in order to pick the perfect tent for the climate you will be camping in.

Overview and Features

The North Face Homestead Roomy 2 is a full-featured two-person tent that has 50% more room than the average two-person tent. At 39.7 square feet, this tent can actually fit two campers and their gear comfortably. The Roomy 2 has abundant headroom with a height of 46 inches, and an interior storage system that includes a gear loft, pole bag, side pockets, phone-holder and tablet-viewer. There are also interior dry lines for added convenience. There is a hanging loop for a lantern in the tent as well.

This tent is very accessible, with two large doors for easy entry and exit. With a trail weight of 6 lb 2 oz, this tent is a bit on the heavy side for backpacking. However, it is accessible and comfortable, and made of durable materials. The canopy fabric is constructed out of 75-denier polyester taffeta with a water-resistant finish. The fly fabric is a lighter-weight 75-denier polyester taffeta, also with a water-resistant finish. The floor is 68-denier of the same material, and the mesh panels are constructed of polyester. These materials are strong and waterproof and make the tent a good candidate for a solid 3-season camping tent.


  • Spacious and comfortable and can easily fit two campers and their gear.
  • Extensive interior storage system including a gear loft, pole bag, side pockets, phone-holder and tablet-viewer for convenience and efficient gear storage. It also has interior dry lines.
  • Constructed of durable, higher-denier polyester and polyester taffeta with a water-resistant finish to provide a long-lasting structure.
  • Two large doors provide accessibility and can fit a queen-size inflatable mattress through them.


  • The heaviness of this tent makes it a bad choice for backpacking, canoe camping, or any other type of camping where it’s important to carry as little as possible.
  • The seams are not taped, which makes for a less waterproof tent.


The North Face Homestead Roomy 2 Tent

Recommended use

3-season camping




2 person

Pole type

Aluminum DAC



Number of poles


Packed dimensions

20.3 cm x 55.9 cm



Trail Weight

6 lb 2 oz (2.78 kg)

Clips or Sleeves


Minimum weight

4 lb 5 oz (1.96 kg)

Interior storage

Gear loft, storage pocket

Floor area

39.7 sqft (3.69 sqm)

Canopy material

75D polyester taffeta


46 in (117 cm)

Floor material

68D polyester taffeta

Vestibule Area

21.6 sqft (2.01 sqm)

Fly material

75D polyester taffeta

The North Face Homestead Roomy 2 would be a good tent for two campers who are not too concerned about the weight of their tent. It would be ideal for car camping, where the tent is not carried on the occupant’s back. It is spacious and accessible, and constructed of durable, higher-denier materials. This 3-season tent is full-featured and strong. It is a good choice for casual campers with a lot of gear due to its extensive storage system and ample space.

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