Travel Guide: Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Temples

Touring around Bangkok, Thailand can be expensive because of the admission/entrance fees for each destination. Thankfully, Klook app is there to the rescue! I purchased tickets through Klook, and I got a huge discount (that’s why I love using Klook every time we travel). As for the transportation, we used Grab and Uber when going from one place to another. Although there are other modes of transport like the BTS and MRT, it’s more convenient to use Grab and Uber, especially we have a child with us.

Here are some of the places to visit when in Bangkok:

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Temples
Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Temples


Thailand is well-known for having a lot of temples, and you wouldn’t want to leave Bangkok without visiting one. We spent an entire day visiting different temples.

Our first stop is Wat Pho where you can find the ‘Giant Golden Reclining Buddha.' Entrance fee is 100 THB per person and no discount for the child. The area is so big, and I guess we haven’t toured the entire place even though we spent around 2 hours here. It’s too hot, so it’s tiring to get around. Thankfully, there’s free bottled water. Anyway, the structures are all great, and we enjoyed our sightseeing there.

Our second stop is the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Khaew where you can see the ‘Emerald Buddha.' We rode a ‘tuktuk’ from Wat Pho which costs 100 THB. Try to haggle because the first price they told us was 400 THB, then 200 THB, until we found one that is 100 THB. The entrance fee in Grand Palace is 500 THB per person; child under 120 cm is free of charge. It is the most expensive of all the temples we’ve visited, but it is the one with the most number of tourists.

Our last stop on our temple hopping trip is the Wat Arun. There are two ways to get there from Grand Palace: one is to take a Chao Phraya river cruise just across the road when you exit the Grand Palace or ride a tuk-tuk or taxi. We looked at the price for the cruise, and it is so expensive! The boat tour without stop costs 1000 THB, and if you want to have a stop at Wat Arun, the price is a whopping 1400 THB! As you may guess, we just rode a tuk-tuk going there for 200 THB. The entrance fee in Wat Arun is just 50 THB. It is the most affordable of all and also the one with lesser people.

There are other temples on our list like the Wat Traimit (Temple of Golden Buddha) and Wat Benchamabophit (Marble Temple). As much as we wanted to visit those, we are so tired already because we’ve been walking a lot for the entire day. If you’re planning to do a temple hopping in Bangkok, or any part of Thailand, remember to wear appropriate clothing. Sleeveless shirts, miniskirts, and shorts are not allowed for both men and women.

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Asiatique


I didn’t expect too much from this place, but I was so fascinated when we get there. Unlike other tourist destinations, you don’t have to pay anything to get inside Asiatique. The place is huge with a few rides that adults and child can enjoy – Ferris wheel, carousel, bump car, robot ride and more. You’ll have to pay for each separately though. I purchased the Ferris wheel ticket through Klook, so I saved a bunch here.

There are a lot of stores where you can buy souvenirs and other kinds of stuff inside Asiatique. You can also find mid-range and high-end restaurants, or you may opt for a full selection of street food if you’re on a small budget. It’s best to go here in the afternoon before the sunset because it can be scorching during the day. It’s right timing for us to catch the sunset while riding the Ferris wheel. It’s an excellent view up there! While in Asiatique, you may go to The Riverfront and experience the dinner cruise if you have an extra budget.

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Himmapan Avatar
Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Himmapan Avatar

Show DC - Himmapan Avatar Show

Show DC is just one of the many malls in Bangkok, and we went there not to go malling, but to watch the Himmapan Avatar – an all-dimensional fantasy live show. Himmapan Avatar is an old tale about the gods and animals of Himmapan and the great precious stone.

We went there on the weekend, and the show is in the Thai language, so we didn’t understand what they’re saying. Even so, despite the language barrier, the effects and the performers amazed us. During weekdays, the show is in English except in Tuesdays because they don’t operate on that day.

Taking photos and videos is apparently not allowed inside the theater, but it is allowed on the Himmapan Forest during the last part. And after the show, you can take photos together with the performers. The show is great and entertaining, so I highly recommend it. The only downside is that the show started 30 minutes late.

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Dream World
Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Dream World
Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Dream World Snow Town
Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Dream World

Dream World

Dream World is the second amusement park we’ve visited during our vacation in Bangkok. It’s a little far from Bangkok city proper, around 1 to 1.5 hours by car. It opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm. The ticket for the child is the same as the adult; children below 90 cm can enter for free.

Compared to Siam Park City, we enjoyed more at Dream World. Wyatt was able to try a lot of rides at Dream World because each ride has a condition based on height range – kids 90-110 cm, 110-120 cm, 120-130 cm, 130-140 cm, and 140 cm and adult. Wyatt falls under 110-120 cm which has around 16 attractions allowed for that height group. He was able to try the Grand Canyon, Super Splash, Black Hole Coaster, and more.

Aside from the rides, there’s a small Animal Farm with goats, cows, pigs. You can buy animal food to feed them. There’s an animal show as well, but we weren’t able to have the right timing on the schedule. They also have a bird sanctuary with different bird species inside. What appeals the most for Wyatt in the Animal Farm is the small room with a lot of dogs. If you want to go inside, you have to pay 100 THB. We gave in because the dogs are so cute and lovely! The moment we went inside, the dogs sat on our lap.

Dream World isn’t just about the rides; there are a lot of picture-perfect spots as well. They have the miniatures of the 7 Wonders of the World, the Love Garden, plus cartoony structures where you can take photos. And of course, there is a Water Fun, too! However, the entrance fee doesn’t include the Water Fun so you have to pay for it separately and the rate is per hour. We didn’t have enough time when we arrived at the Water Fun, just 10 minutes before closing, so Wyatt was able to enter for free. He’s unsatisfied and a bit sad though because he was expecting to stay there longer. If you want a lot of slides and a bigger water park, head over to Siam Park City.

Another highlight of our Dream World trip is the Snow Town. The tickets we bought through Klook already include the buffet lunch and Snow Town so that I can save. It’s expensive to buy tickets for Snow Town separately. There are appropriate boots and jackets that you can use inside Snow Town. It’s freezing inside, and not a lot of people can stay longer. We enjoyed the snow slide even if it’s super cold. We tried almost everything inside Dream World, so we’re delighted with our trip here. It’s a perfect place for family, especially with kids!

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Art in Paradise
Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Art in Paradise
Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise

We’ve been to many 3D/4D museums, and I must say that Art in Paradise is one of the best concerning the number of artworks and the size of the place. As usual, for weekday warriors like us, we get to enjoy the place so much since there are only a few people; and that means no photo bombers! Art in Paradise has a lot of awesome and cool paintings perfect for photo ops. Wyatt was so impressed with the artworks, and he’s happy posing on every spot there. We spent around 2 hours inside.

Art in Paradise is on the 4th floor of Esplanade Mall, so it’s not difficult to find. They are open from 10 am to 10 pm, but the last entry is 9 pm. I liked how they maintain the cleanliness of the place. No shoes and slippers allowed inside. It is also close to Ratchada night market, so it's an excellent idea to spend your late afternoon here before you go to the market.

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Siam Niramit
Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit Theater

They say Siam Niramit is a ‘world-class spectacular show,' and it is a must-watch when in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand. I was very curious about it, so we gave it a go. I purchased the regular seat, and I’m glad I did because there’s not much difference than the golden seat. Siam Niramit Theater is located near Esplanade Mall. If you want to make the most out of your day, you may visit Art in Paradise located inside Esplanade Mall in the afternoon, have your early dinner after, then proceed to Siam Niramit Theater around 6:30 pm.

There are several picture taking spots inside, and you can ride their traditional boat in their makeshift Thai Village. There are two elephants as well, and you may ride on the big one. We didn’t ride the elephant, but Wyatt feeds them. The elephants there are friendly, one even hugged me! So sweet! Hahahaha! Anyway, those elephants are part of the Siam Niramit show. Yes, they are on stage! Aside from the elephants, there are real goats and chickens on stage as well.

The reason why it is good to be early is that there is a pre-entertainment show from 7 pm to 7:30 pm. They feature different dances and even asked the audience to join them. That’s a pleasant experience. The theater doors open at 7:30 pm after the pre-entertainment show. No food and drinks allowed inside the theater; cameras are not allowed too. The show starts at exactly 8 pm and runs for about 80 minutes non-stop.

I was so amazed at the show. They are so fast in changing the backdrop, the lighting effects are great. Everything was so perfect. The show is very interactive with the audience. If you are lucky, you may be randomly chosen to be on stage too. My child enjoyed Siam Niramit show a lot. After the show, you may be able to take photos with some of the performers outside the theater.

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Dinosaur Planet
Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Dinosaur Planet

Dinosaur Planet​​​​

Dinosaur.... Rawr!! During our vacation in Bangkok, we stayed in Best Western Plus @20 Sukhumvit. We arrived around 10 am but the check-in time is at 2 pm. Since the Dinosaur Planet is just around 10-minute walk from the hotel, we decided to visit that first.

Going inside the Dinosaur Planet, there isn’t so much to see. The place is not that big, and you can only visit limited attractions that are included in the entry pass. If you want to ride the Dino Eye (Ferris wheel), you have to pay another THB 200 per person; to go inside the Dino Farm, that’s another THB 100 per person. I was surprised because that’s pretty expensive. My son Wyatt requested the Ferris wheel ride, so I purchased that. We didn’t go inside the Dino Farm because we already saw it from above while riding the Dino Eye. Also, it’s a super hot day when we went there, and we’re all no longer interested in going around anymore.

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Siam Park City
Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Siam Park City
Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Siam Park City

Siam Park City

Siam Park City is the oldest and largest amusement park in Bangkok. There are a lot of rides, but most have a height requirement – must be at least 130 cm tall. Our brave little boy is so disappointed because he was so excited when he saw the rides, but he wasn’t allowed. He just tried every single ride at the small play area meant for children. The rides there are very old and not well-maintained. Nothing’s so special; it’s just like a funfair that you can see anywhere. Well, it’s a boring place for Wyatt. He experienced several roller coaster rides and other extreme rides at Hong Kong Disneyland a few months ago, and he’s expecting to experience it again here in Siam Park. Dream World is better when it comes to rides for kids.

There is also a water park inside Siam Park City where you can see the “world’s largest wave pool.” I expect too much here since it has a Guinness world record. But to my disappointment, the wave pool doesn’t “wave” at all. Yes, it’s large, but the water is peaceful so it's not exciting and enjoyable. I thought maybe because it’s a weekday, and there aren’t many people there. I don’t know. But still, if that’s the case, it should be the same regardless of the day and number of visitors. Okay, enough with the rant.

We just went to their “Siam Lagoon” where there’s a not-so-large pool with several slides for kids.... and adults. We spent most of our time here, and thankfully, Wyatt Maktrav enjoyed this place so much. He kept going up and down the slides for around 3 or 4 hours! This area has many people because this is the most family-friendly place in Siam Park City; suitable for all ages.

Siam Park City opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm. There is a buffet lunch included in the ticket; the food is just average though. If you need a locker to keep your things, there are lockers for rent located outside the changing room. The one we used is the smart locker which costs THB 60.

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Seal Life Bangkok
Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand - Sea Life Bangkok

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Sea Life Bangkok is inside Siam Paragon – the third largest mall in Thailand. It is open from 10 am to 8 pm daily. We went on a weekday, so there’s no long line at the ticket booth. However, there are a lot of students having a field trip there. The place isn’t that big, and just so-so. Anyway, Wyatt enjoyed the place so much. He’s so fascinated with different kinds of fish, snakes, penguins, turtles, and more! You may also opt to try the glass-bottom boat ride for an extra fee of THB 200. We’re on a tight budget, so we didn’t try that. There’s a 4D cinema as well which costs THB 350 and only runs for 15 minutes. Quite expensive, I know! That’s why we didn’t buy that as well, thinking that it’s not worth it. In my opinion, Manila Ocean Park in the Philippines is much better. Still, Sea Life is a nice place to visit with family if you’re in Bangkok.

That concludes our Bangkok, Thailand trip. There are a lot more places on our itinerary that we haven’t visited because we no longer have more time to do so. We stayed in Bangkok for ten nights, but still not enough to visit every single place. We have some rest days in between since we have a child with us, and I had to work too. So technically, the number of days for the tour is just seven days.

Here are some of the places that we haven’t visited that you may want to check out as well: Safari World (the largest zoo in Thailand), Erawan Museum + Ancient Siam, Wat Traimit, Wat Benchamabophit, and Elephant Care at Wildlife Friends Foundation.

Overall, our Bangkok, Thailand trip is one of the best and less expensive trips we had. We’ll be back again, and we’ll surely visit the places that we missed.

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