Travel Guide: Top Places to Visit in Hong Kong

“Hong Kong Disneyland!” were the only words I can hear my son say once we’ve landed the Hong Kong International Airport. Well, as expected, this is a kid’s joy and somewhat mine as well. I was super excited about that one but other than Disneyland, we had plenty of time and plenty of other sights in our list of 'Must Sees Overseas'!

Lantau Island

Hong Kong is actually an archipelago consisting of 260 islands. And first on our stop is definitely one of our son's favorites! The nearest Disneyland to the Philippines!

Hong Kong Disneyland - Top Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Wyatt's favorite castle inside Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

This is one of the good places we've been to. Loaded with fun and tons of excitement, this place is so ideal for the entire family to go to. I can't describe how many rides we tried and just how many places we've visited in Disneyland. One day is literally not enough to conquer the land where Dreams Come True, and I think you need to go around for an entire week to really go through every ride, every corner, every food stand and every single lovable Disney Character home. The souvenir shops are pretty expensive though, so we didn't buy our stuff from there. We only spent our time in Disneyland to have fun but bought nothing because of the high cost of value.

Ngong Ping 360 - Top Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Not far from Disneyland is the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. This Gondola ride is our second time and we are still filled and thrilled with the great experience. Heights was never a problem to me and my family. We had the cable car with other tourists and to our delight, we enjoyed a full view of Lantau Country Park. We can see different horizons of a mountainous region on one side and a city on the other. We can even see the Giant Buddha from where we are and we're definitely thrilled to go to that place next. The ride was really magnificent, it's calming and amusing at the same time and I feel so euphoric seeing the different panoramic views of this island of Hong Kong.

Ngong Ping Entertainment Center

Reaching the end of the Gondola ride was surprisingly a town on its own. Our cable car ride started from Tung Chung and ended at Ngong Ping Village. There are restaurants, shops, and fountains to enjoy. It's a tiring yet enjoyable day in Ngong Ping Village and the food was fantastic. Obviously, the food was more expensive but you kind of have no choice but to eat there since you are only allowed to bring water inside the cable car. Still, we enjoyed a great stroll in this mountain top village before going to see the massive statue of Buddha we saw from the cable car.

Tian Tan Buddha - Top Places to Visit in Hong Kong

The Giant Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha

This big statue of Buddha is an awe-striking 34 meters high on top of a 26.4 meter tall Lotus throne. But, the hike to the top of it is another story. We took our time going up the statue. From the starting point of the stairs, we can already see the giant statue of Buddha right on top. Very tiring but worth every effort since we get to sit and relax in between and take pictures. We can also see Ngong Ping Village from where we are. Anyway, reaching the top was a success! I was too tired to count the number of steps but we did get to enjoy the platform where the Giant Buddha sits. We didn't bother going inside the Buddha because we had to pay an entrance fee and we're too tired to go any further. Coming this close to the statue was phenomenal, the artistry is beyond words because it was so detailed. And I can't imagine it being made totally out of bronze. I ran out of words to describe every bit of the statue. We went down after with a heart filled with a sense of fulfillment since we were able to climb up stairs that many refused to climb.

Hong Kong Island

Whoa! In just one island, you can explore it in one day and still not have enough of it all! Hong Kong Island is full of life and is home to some of our favorite stops in Hong Kong!

Victoria Harbour

This is the most famous and also known to be one of the finest harbors in the world. I can see why. The skyline of Hong Kong is a true beauty. I've been to plenty of places and the city Metropolis of Hong Kong Island and this is just one that will forever stay in my mind. I'm a nature girl and so is my family but we still know how to appreciate the beauty of man's creations and Hong Kong is surely a feat of genius. In a way, riding the ferry seems like an entirely different experience when in Hong Kong. And it really is the perfect way to enjoy a city that's full of life and glamor. If only we had the time, we would have gone back and enjoyed the evening skyline of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor.

Ocean Park

This is definitely one of my son's top three! Jumping killer whales, singing dolphins, and seals juggling balls. Ocean Park is a lovely way of enjoying the ocean life. I loved it here because it's also a very educational way for my son to enjoy his Hong Kong vacation. Ocean Park isn't just an oceanarium, it's also a huge theme park. Way before Disneyland was built, Ocean Park was the hotspot for family trips and awesome rides and it still is. This is one huge park and because of the limited time we had in Hong Kong, we could only afford to spend a day in Ocean Park. My son really loved it here, the animals, the rides, the ocean themed everything from food to rides to items sold on stalls. It's a naturalistic person's ideal theme park.

Victoria Peak - Top Places to Visit in Hong Kong

The view from the top of Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the infamous vantage point of Hong Kong, but just standing there and enjoying the wonderful view of Hong Kong is one of the perks of being in 'The Peak'. However, going there is just as much of an adventure because you get to ride on the Garden Road Peak Tram. We went to Victoria Peak in the morning, but it would have been better if we came before the sunset. They say the setting sun will show you the lovely day view of Hong Kong and as darkness was about to hug the city, you'll be able to watch the lights of the city come into light sparkling by the beautiful horizon. The light twinkle on the waters of the harbors of Hong Kong and you'll see the sweet silhouette of the mountains from afar. It's phenomenal and this view is a really romantic place to be. Anyway, we'll have to do that the next time we go back in Hong Kong.

Madamme Tussauds Wax Museum - Top Places to Visit in Hong Kong

One of the many figures inside Madamme Tussauds Wax Museum

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Sitting on Queen Elizabeth II's throne, posing between Angelie Jolie and Brad Pitt, hugging the members of One Direction, and even doing Karate moves beside the infamous Bruce Lee! There are endless possibilities! We can't help but enjoy every moment of our time in the wax museum. It may just be a museum but it sure is one thing that I loved in Hong Kong. I just can't help but appreciate how modern artistry can make practically everything possible and these wax replicas of artists, especially my favorite Korean actors, really made my day!

It's the ultimate fame experience and definitely Hollywood experience of a lifetime. You'll never find yourself in such a situation but it's still great to imagine yourself wandering and posing beside famous people of your liking. Even my son had to touch, feel and really scrutinize some of the figures and he's really happy posing with them.

Trickeye Museum - Top Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Wyatt riding the big chicken at Trickeye Museum

Trickeye Museum

Believe me, I've never had so much fun in a museum before going to Hong Kong. Practically right beside Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum is the Trickeye Museum. It puts you in the most adventurous positions, in the most unusual situations and yet feels like it was a real experience and adventure. My son's favorite is the big chicken. It's very entertaining. I, in particular, can't find a favorite. I loved the climbing for survival against a shark attack, the Angel Wings, Thumbelina Ride, and hanging on a pole with molten lava below. It's so realistic and the only thing we ran out of when inside the museum was laughter. It was superbly fun and absolutely a perfect place to bring your kids in. It's a fantastic experience and I'm so glad I went to try it out firsthand in Hong Kong.

Aberdeen Fishing Village - Top Places to Visit in Hong Kong

The view from the boat going to Aberdeen Fishing Village

Aberdeen Fishing Village

Hong Kong isn't just a metropolis. Actually, if you only think of Hong Kong as a big city, then you need to explore it more. This archipelago has tons of islands to explore and while we are still in Hong Kong Island, we just had to explore and experience old Hong Kong. Aberdeen Fishing Village is a floating village. It's quaint and simple and gave me a glimpse of what Hong Kong was like before those massive skyscrapers filled the Hong Kong horizon. It sits right by the Aberdeen harbor and just a doorway away from the center.

People actually live in these floating boats as their real home. It's such a major contrast to the modern highlife of Hong Kong but it's just so alluring. I love how colorful it is and just how simple the life is in there. However, there's nothing much fancy in this place and the boat ride is kind of boring.

IFC Shopping Mall

Once you learn of Hong Kong, most people see it as a place for business, and really high-class modern living. At the roof of the IFC shopping mall are some of the poshest restaurants you can find in Hong Kong. As advised by some of the locals we've befriended, we went on the top of the IFC mall and bunked on one of the tables outside. With an awesome take away from a great noodle shop down below, we sat outside overlooking Victoria Harbor, the Central Pier, and the Kowloon Skyline. This is what most visitors pay for and those dining inside are spending thousands upon thousands of money to enjoy a Michelin restaurant. While us, on the other hand, can experience the evening wind, the beautiful skyline, and a million dollar view on a small budget.


The most famous Hong Kong skyline is that of Kowloon. It was only when we got there that Kowloon is actually different from Kowloon City. The City takes up about 60% of Kowloon. Anyway, this is the part of Hong Kong that is filled with shopping centers, centers for business and an ultimate Hong Kong City-type travel.

Top Places to Visit in Hong Kong

This little one is so happy to be part of the characters!

Magical World 4D Museum

Yet another fantastic Museum where we were filled with total enthusiasm to experience and have fun. We loved this place just as much as the other museums we went to prior to the 4D Magical Museum. It's like an extension of Hong Kong Disneyland where we get to be part of poster pictures of the most infamous Disney movies. I did love the Aladdin Magic Carpet ride though. You can experience being a Jedi, saving the world with the Avengers, staying inside a snow globe with Queen Elsa, or even stealing Cinderella's seat in her carriage. It's a great and fun experience too.

Space Museum

This should be in every person's itinerary in visiting Hong Kong. It's a beautiful piece of architecture and just as great as other museums. It's filled with aircraft, space rocks and astronaut suits. It even has replicas of the solar system's planets orbit around the sun. I know this may sound just like an ordinary museum but it just feels so ethereal going in that I can't shake off the feeling in my heart and in my mind when I went in. It's a great experience and you'll love bringing your child to somewhere they can learn a few stuff in.

Hong Kong Garden of Stars - Top Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Garden of Stars

Garden of Stars

If Hollywood had a street of stars for Hollywood personalities, Garden of Stars is Hong Kong's version of their Asian artists. It's an entire park dedicated to the film industry of Hong Kong. And it is definitely a great place to be in. Of course, the most famous I can name among the statues would be Bruce Lee. It has a full wall lined with massive pixelated portraits of famous artists. And bronze statues are found around the park featuring directors and cameramen and cinematographers shooting a film. There are even podiums with handprints of International Artists like Michelle Yeoh and iconographies linked to people like Stephen Chow. Even Jackie Chan has a handprint in one of the blocks on the ground. It's super clean and I love the air there. It's so relaxing and I love that it also has multiple gardens filled with blooming flowers and pathways leading to all directions of the park.

Hong Kong is an experience of a lifetime and no matter how long you stay, I think you'll never run out of fantastic firsts in Hong Kong. This is definitely one of my favorite places I've been to. I experienced both the glory of nature, the beautiful works of man's creations and the thrill of going around a beautiful metropolis. I loved soaking in this experience and in our short stay in Hong Kong, I wish I could have had more time to really feel the true Hong Kong experience.

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