Travel Guide: Top Places to Visit in Quang Ninh, Vietnam

Top Places to Visit uin Quang Ninh, Vietnam

Top Places to Visit in Quang Ninh, Vietnam

Even if you've never been in Quang Ninh, I'm sure that you are already familiar of the place because so many Hollywood movies have been shot there especially the most recent 'Kong: Skull Island'. The place is riddled with breathtaking Limestone Islands, and there are towering rock formations that you just don't have enough words for at all. There are also plenty of caves and resorts found in these islands.

Halong Bay

Since Halong Bay is a popular tourist destination, getting a cheap and competitive price for and enjoyable trip to Halong Bay can easily be booked online or right in Hanoi. Anyway, it is a bit pricey but for a full day in Halong Bay, most tours include your transport from Hanoi, breakfast, lunch and pre-dinner is offered. You can also go kayaking and with an additional payment and you can also go scuba diving. We skipped the scuba diving though because it was already beyond our budget but the Halong Bay experience is something I will never forget.

Top Places to Visit uin Quang Ninh, Vietnam

Heavenly Cave (Thien Cung Cave)

The entrance to the cave is pretty tight but as we go further inside, I am astounded with the massive cave. It's huge but one thing that will blow your mind away is the colorful lights glowing through the caves. It feels heavenly since it doesn't feel like it's part of earth. As we go around, the tour guide told us numerous legends about the Heavenly Palace. It has small streams and flowing water. You will also love coming across small windows where beautiful rays of sun peek in.

Anyway, this is the highlight of our trip to Halong Bay; featuring the most beautiful cave formation and phenomal lights. It's like a real home actually because there are even four massive pillars that hold the entire place together. It's so beautiful that I really fell inlove with the place.

Top Places to Visit uin Quang Ninh, Vietnam