Travel Guide: Top Places to Visit in Shenzhen, China

Top Places to Visit in Shenzhen China

On one of the spots in Windows of the World.

Top Places to Visit in Shenzhen, China

Waking up to a beautiful morning and taking a train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen is so exciting. In just around an hour, we were surrounded by a mix of tall building and small Chinese shops that were said to have been witnesses to the growth of Shenzhen. It's a great feeling since you can see a mix of old rustic Chinese setting in small streets amidst a bustling city.

Windows of the World

There is nothing more fun and more convenient than going to the Windows of the World to see different tourist destinations in different countries. They have a miniature or a smaller scaled version of famous landmarks like America's Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore and White House, India's Taj Mahal, Paris' Louvre and Eiffel Tower, Japan’s Mount Fuji, Australia's Uluru Rock Formation and Opera House, Rio de Janeiro's Statue of Jesus, Peru's Machu Picchu, Africa's Savannah, and so many more countries to explore in one huge park! As much as we wanted to explore the whole place, the scorching heat of the sun makes our little one fussy, plus he’s tired from the previous day’s Disneyland trip. We should’ve taken a day’s rest; but we still enjoyed our day here. Anyway, they also offer a wide variety of food to eat while walking around the streets inside Windows of the World. There are also fastfood and restaurants outside the park.

Top Places to Visit in Shenzhen China

At Windows of the World.

Dongmen Pedestrian Street

Famously known because of its shops, Dongmen Pedestrian Street is the place to be if you want to fill your bags with souvenirs at a cheap price. I love negotiating with someone who doesn't speak English because we both end up looking like random puppetry doing unusual hand gestures just to make a point. It's fascinating because if you are really tight on budget but still enjoy a good experience and bring home tons of souvenirs, then this is what will work best for you. I loved every minute of Dongmen Pedestrian Street. We were walking around trying different street food going from shop to shop looking for clothes, bags, and souvenir items. For only 300 RMB, we were going back to our hotel room with full stomachs and bags after bags of bought items.

Shenzhen Museum

This museum has a beautiful showroom showcasing the history of Shenzhen and China as a whole. It is much bigger and it also has a presentation that lets you watch how China the nation was formed and how Shenzhen became the richest city in China.

Huaqiangbei or Shenzhen Electronic Market

This isn't really a tourist destination but a place where you can purchase everything related to computers, gadgets, and anything electronic. I did not expect everything to be everywhere, from parts to whole gadgets to all types of wiring, small cameras, open source firmware, and everything. This is an ideal place for a techie person. And what's fascinating is that you can go to one mall selling only phone cases, another mall sells cell phones in-bulk. Another mall is only for smart watches while another mall is for cameras and camera parts, and another mall dedicated to selling security and surveillance equipment. Woah! I can spend my entire vacation here!

We only stayed in Shenzhen for 1 night so we haven’t explored that place so much. On our second day, we already travelled back to Hong Kong. There are other places to explore in Shenzhen and hopefully, we can go back again next time.