Quezon: Batis Aramin Resort Review

Batis Aramin Resort Review

Quezon Province is a great place to go to especially Lucban, Quezon which is famous for the Pahiyas Festival. And to top it all, go to the famous Kamay ni Hesus. With a busy line-up of activities in the month of May, you'd like to find a place to stay. And this trip, we rested well and good at a local resort and nature park called Batis Aramin Resort.

Batis Aramin Resort Experience


Batis Aramin is well-known because it's just right across the infamous Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church in Lucban, Quezon. These are top places of interest that you'd love to go to and you will definitely love that it is accessible even to the main highway. Despite the close vicinity to the town, it is a mountain resort—somewhat. It is surrounded by trees and the cooling air from the peak of Mount Banahaw makes it a wonderful place to stay in, especially in such a hot May weather.

Batis Aramin Resort Review


I knew that this place was built in 2005. So, I expected it to have some concerns with regard to their things 'looking new'. And I already saw it when we entered the reception. It looks inviting though. With colorful ceiling décor right above, it adds a bit of splash in the nice venue. The lobby was pretty simple with a massive mural of the Pahiyas Festival literally covering one full wall. But I loved the woven seats; colorful, comfy, and very cultural. Just simply sitting there is already a great way to relax.


The staffs were friendly, giving us nice smiles as we check-in. There was a line though since we were there during the peak season, so many people were really eager to get checked-in. And so were we. Despite the busy reception, they didn't fail to give us a beautiful smile. We really didn't need much so all I can say about the staffs was that they were nice but a bit slow. I guess the peak season can slow things up.

Batis Aramin Resort Review

Check-in and Check-out Time

Since it was peak season, there were plenty of guests in the resort. Despite having too many people to check-in, they already allowed the guests to go to their once it was available. We had to wait for ours though. But since our room was still not empty by the time check-out was expected, they moved us to another room of the same type—Double room.


It was a far cry from the pictures I've seen on the internet. The place was definitely a bit old but some parts of the room have not been well-maintained like the walls and the ceiling. It did smell a bit stuffy and funky wooden smell. So, cleanliness was an issue here. I'm not sure if it's the way they do the cleaning or if maybe it was just because the place is getting old and is in need of refurbishing. Nonetheless, our room was fine, neatly arranged and very simple. We had a queen sized bed that is adequately comfortable.

Batis Aramin Resort Review

I keep looking for a strange musty smell and found out it was the curtains. Take it off and the room smelled really nice and breezy because of the trees just outside our window. Our room came with a table and chairs but the table had a lot of scratches and carvings from past guests. I don't have much to say about it really.

The bathroom was wide enough for all of us to go in, but it did have those stains on the wall. I know they can be removed if housekeeping did more time in bleaching them out. Other than the stains on the wall, it was not such a bad place. The room was nicely air-conditioned. We were located in a very quiet area despite the many guests staying in the hotel. And we had a pretty decent sleep. It was going outside at night that was the problem; mosquitoes are ready to pounce on you every chance they get. It’s a good thing that I put on some insect repellant and I did so too on my son.

Batis Aramin Resort Review

Food and Dining

The food wasn't that bad and quite affordable too. Batis Aramin serves Filipino meals and offers a good range of great food to eat. I did enjoy my breakfast with the typical Filipino garlic fried rice, sliced raw tomatoes and cucumber, sunny-side up egg, and dried fish. It may be average but Filipino food is always good food. Their specialty is the Pancit Habhab, of course! I also enjoyed the Kare-Kare we ordered for last night’s dinner.


The resort is ideal for team building activities and great fun for families with kids. They have wall climbing, bike trail, rope course, zip line, and even a human sized maze. They have three larger pools and two that are connected with a small waterfall-like slide that sits right at the opening of the man-made lake. The lake had fun activities like the use of bamboo raft. The pools are great too; they have slides in the adult pools and nice gardens that surround the swimming areas. The water was really cold but it's perfect for the summer heat. Although, just like our room, the pools had stains on it that needs attention. But other than that, it's a great experience at such a great place.

Batis Aramin Resort Review
Batis Aramin Resort Review

Batis Aramin is a great family staycation spot. It is self-reliant with its own restaurant, its own shop and all things needed are nearby. Families and colleagues who wish to come here and enjoy and have a team building will definitely enjoy their stay in Batis Aramin. Although maintenance is an issue, it's something simple that housekeeping can quickly fix. If you are looking for a more luxurious place to enjoy your Pahiyas Festival trip or your religious hike up Kamay Ni Hesus, then you may want to try somewhere else. This is a budget place of pure fun and enjoyment but offers decent resting quarters. My family and I loved our stay here and might even consider it as a place to rest if we plan on hiking Mt. Banahaw.

Batis Aramin Resort Review

Batis Aramin Resort

Address: Brgy. Malupak, Lucban - Tayabas Rd, Lucban, Quezon 4328

Contact Number: (042) 540 4401

Email: info@aramin.ph