5 Reasons Why We Always Fly with Cebu Pacific Air

5 Reasons Why We Always Fly with Cebu Pacific Air

We love to travel as a family. Although many people raise their eyebrows when they know that we are bringing a baby with us (especially when we go and climb mountains), we believe that exposing Wyatt Maktrav to a life of travel is something we will never regret as parents. Through these trips, we are able to create unique bonding moments as a family and make memories that we will forever cherish until we are gray and old.

Traveling with babies are often the most preferred time for adventurous parents because they are usually just content being placed in a carrier and sleep or eat and not make a fuss. Of course, that changes as they gradually grow older. Wyatt, for example, just could not be stopped from running and walking on trails; he would not even let us pause to catch our breaths!

On the more practical side, traveling with a baby also has its perks. In buses and boats, they can also board for free or at heavily discounted rates. On the plane, babies are free of charge when they board as lap children. Regardless, we believe that costs should not stop you from exploring places with your kids and, when it comes to plane travel, we strongly recommend flying with Cebu Pacific Air every chance you get. Why, you ask? Let me show you the reasons.​

Why fly with Cebu Pacific Air?

1. It is easy on the budget

Cebu Pacific Air is highly popular for its discounted rates and piso fares – and we are huge fans of these promos as well! When you travel as a family, costs can easily add up and, when you already have a kid beyond two, paying for three people in one go is no joke!

The promo fares allow us to slash a huge chunk of our expenses on airfare alone and it is truly helpful whether you travel alone or in groups. We would sometimes consider other modes of transportation but nothing beats traveling by plane. Not only are the rates cheaper, you also save a lot of time: just compare 8-11 hours of traveling by sea to an hour of traveling by air!​

2. It brings you to many local and international destinations

What we love most about Cebu Pacific Air is that it has numerous direct flights from Manila to nearly all corners of the Philippines, as long as there is an airport. How cool is that? Even if you have a limited budget or a limited time, you can cross off your list of provinces to visit one by one without a problem. Of course, there are still some places that need land travel but at least you have cut time and expenses by flying to the nearest domestic hub.

As we were planning our upcoming international trip, we were very happy to find out that Cebu Pacific Air offers direct flights from Manila to many international destinations. How convenient! There is no need to fly into other countries just to get to the place you wanted to visit – just imagine how easily the costs can add up when you are paying for three guests in full. We also do not have to book through international airline companies that would otherwise be very costly. Well, our pockets are happily singing now.​

3. It allows you to collect points for free flights

You know what makes Cebu Pacific Air even more awesome right now? They already have a miles program! Well, it’s not really miles but points. If you are not aware, the airline offers one point for every P50 spent on flights as long as you are enrolled in their GetGo program. You can then use these points to buy flights in the future. That means that the more you fly with them, the bigger the chance you have at getting a free flight from Cebu Pacific Air.

However, earning points through their GetGo program does not just stop there. You can do all sorts of “normal” things such as doing groceries at Robinsons Department Stores and Supermarkets, gassing up at Petron, paying online using Dragonpay or booking hotel rooms through Go Hotels or Travelbook – all these activities will already earn you GetGo points which you can eventually use to “buy” a flight.

4. It lets you tag along friends and family

You do not have to be selfish with your GetGo points. If you want to bring along friends and family, you have two options: you can either book a flight on their behalf or share your GetGo points.

Cebu Pacific Air’s GetGo will allow you to share points to your favorite circle of travel friends (or family) so you can all share the experience of flying in to a new province in the Philippines or country in the world. You are no longer limited to sharing photos on social media because you can take your pictures together as you share the view and the moment.

5. It encourages you to support local

Traveling is beyond enriching yourself and widening your perspectives as you check out different parts of the country and of the world. As in climbing mountains, traveling encourages you to support the local economy.

We try our best to buy our travel and climbing supplies right at our destination not just to save ourselves the hassle of packing and lugging huge packs but also to help boost the economy of the place we are in. In the same way, why should you fly with international airline carriers when there are local alternatives that offer the same service? Flying with Cebu Pacific Air is your own way of helping boost the Philippine economy – so, hooray to you if you have been doing that in your past trips!

We obviously have a lot of good things to say for Cebu Pacific Air and we hope you all do, too.

Hey, if you want to be inspired about traveling with your family (and climbing mountains with a toddler), catch us in our adventures through our blog, Wyatt Maktrav’s Adventures.​

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