How to Relieve Body Pain After Climbing a Mountain

How to Relieve Body Pain After Climbing a Mountain

It’s said that people who like to hike have batteries inside their bodies because of their endurance. Also, sometimes hiking lovers are called robots because it seems that they don’t feel anything after long hiking hours. Truthfully, reality is different. Burning calves, hurting knees, shaking legs… That’s reality of person who just got down after climbing a mountain.

If you like mountain climbing, you may know how it feels when you return from your trip. The first thing you do is search ways how to reduce your body pain. There are some really effective tips to get rid of the body pain.

Ways to relieve body pain after climbing a mountain


Stretching after any type of work out is the best way to prevent whole body pain. Be aware that it’s very essential to get warm up before climbing and have some stretching after. This is the routine you should repeat during your every mountain climb. Stretching helps ease your tightened muscles and it makes a possibility to have less shaky legs. This is very helpful if you can’t rest your muscles for some days.

Stay hydrated

It’s natural that during the climb, you sweat a lot and lose important fluids for your body. So if your body doesn’t have enough water inside, you feel heavier and your muscles start to ache. We all know that it’s almost impossible to drink lots of water during the climb because we have limitations. That’s why after descending the mountain, you have to drink lots of water. Your whole body will feel refreshed.

Take a shower

The biggest mistake is to take a hot bath because hot water makes your muscles swell. Swollen muscles won’t ease your pain, it will make it worse. So it's not about how much tempting it seems, but just don’t take a hot bath. Showering is better solution. You can take hot shower for some minutes and after it, take cold shower. It’s okay to repeat this process a few times. Showering won’t make your muscles swell. Instead, it will relieve your pain and tiredness. Of course, if it’s possible try to take hot shower only for few seconds, because cold water makes a better impact to your tired body and cools your muscles of. In case you still feel the same pain like the one before showering, repeat showering after couple of hours.


After taking a shower, you should continue relieving your body pain with massage. The best way to start massage is from your foot. It’s okay even if you have no idea how to do massage, because you only need to rub your foot. Massage helps maximize blood circulation in your legs and makes your pain slowly go away. You can massage all painful body parts: starting from the foot and ending with the neck. It will surely help to ease your sore muscles.

Try easy exercises

Most people think that stopping exercise is the best way to get rid of body pain. Actually, it’s the opposite. It would be the best if you continue to do your daily routine with moderation. If you are used to climb big mountains for a long time, try smaller ones. Even hills are okay, just don’t stop moving. If your muscles are too painful, try different exercises that will use different groups of muscles. Let your body become accustomed with routine. It will help you to heal faster.

Take a nap / go to sleep

Sleep or nap is another good remedy for relieving your body pain, so make sure that you can sleep well. If you are feeling too tired and your muscles are aching, it’s okay to take a nap and make sure that no one could disturb you. Even doctors say that sleep is the natural aid for pain, so good sleep will make good results.

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