Rizal: Bakasyunan Resort Tanay Review

Bakasyunan Resort Tanay Review

Tanay, Rizal is readily accessible from Manila. It's easy to get there and most especially it is an open gateway to a lot of adventures you'd love to enjoy and visit in the Province of Rizal.

Bakasyunan Resort Experience


The Resort is not that hard to find. In fact, it is near Daranak Falls and the Masungi Georeserve. The Resort sits on the Tanay-Sampaloc Road and you won't miss it since there is a huge 'Bakasyunan' that marks the entrance. You can also already see the grounds of the resort before entering the area. There are no shops nearby nor are there any other closer areas of interest than other resorts like the Sacramento Valley Resort and Momarco Resort.

However, from the Resort, you can easily reach Daranak Falls and Calinawan Cave in less than 20 minutes on a ride or almost an hour hike. You can also reach Masungi Georeserve in about 40 minutes too.

Bakasyunan Resort Tanay Review


The lobby is a bit off the main entrance, so you need to walk up if you are coming in via public transport. Anyway, the lobby is simple yet clean and inviting. The place is quite spacious and you can see how neatly arranged everything is. I already get a pretty good idea of how it would look like in our room.

Check-in and Check-out Time

Check-in time is 1:30 pm and check-out is at 11:30 am. Checking in is not much of a problem since they let us in earlier but they do strictly follow the check-out time. We were greeted well as we entered the lobby but we were asked to wait for a while since the room we booked had just been cleared out by those who occupied it before us. We strolled around the area while waiting and we saw tons of activities that you can do in the resort but practically every access to the amenities they have has a payment. The only free thing that came along with booking a room in the resort is the swimming pool.

Checking-in, you are not allowed to bring food from outside. Once you bring in any type of food that they happen to see you carry along, you would have to pay a 500 php corkage fee.


The staffs were friendly but since the place is pretty big, it is quite difficult to find help around and the room we booked doesn't come with a phone connected to the lobby. The staffs are very nice and would often greet you as you go past them. They also carried our bags when they escorted us to our room.

Bakasyunan Resort Tanay Review


We didn't wait much for our room to be prepared. As we entered our room, I can see why it took such a short time to prepare it. It was averaged sized with a queen sized bed consuming much of the space. Anyway, that's not a concern because it's enough to fit the three of us. The room was very clean with newly mopped tiled flooring and clean walls. It was very simple. Not much added to the room for a bit of an aesthetic value – just a simple painting on the wall, but it is considered to be a budget adventure resort. So, it's all about the function.

Our bed was also very comfy and very simple. Since the weather is pretty hot, they only gave out two thin white sheets for blankets and two thin towels as well. The room only came with a roll of tissue and a tiny bath soap that's probably good for one or two uses. We asked for an extra pillow but that has to be charged, anyway, we needed it. The only trouble I had was that while I was unpacking our stuffs, I asked a staff for an extra pillow because there was no way of communicating with the reception from our room and it took him a while to deliver our request.

The bathroom was also very simple and it didn't have a hot and cold shower. Again, it's not much of an issue since it is pretty hot after all. And considering that the air conditioning is a bit weak, it doesn't really cool the entire room down to the temperature I wanted it to.

Bakasyunan Resort Tanay Review

Food and Dining

When booking a room, you can have the option of booking it with the full day meal package. We did that for the first day and we had an average tasting food. The morning food felt like it would be the type of meal I would serve my son for breakfast before going to school - hotdog and fried rice and a bowl of veggie soup. Lunch was not that thrilling either because it's like eating a Filipino breakfast for lunch. They do have additional food you can order and the prices are a bit expensive but the menu doesn't offer much too and some of the dishes on the menu are often not available. We just ordered kare-kare and spaghetti but it took too much time. We waited for around 1 hour! You'd have to battle your way to finishing your meal against the flies though, because there are a lot of them.

Bakasyunan Resort Tanay Review


This is probably the highlight of the resort. What's great about it is that you have a wide place to take a stroll in. I did love the way they lined the rooms. It makes you feel like you have an extra privacy since the rooms are separate from each other. They have tons of outdoor activities for you if you wanna try them out. You can ride the ATV around the resort, you can play basketball, tennis and other sports. They also have a wall climbing area and a children's playground too.

The place was really built for great team building activities. I can see obstacle courses around and near the main road. They also offer a camping spot if you wish to go camping on the grounds, but with the summer heat like this, I didn't see anyone who was interested to do that for the duration of our stay. The resort also has its KTV bars if you are interested in singing your hearts out. It was pretty busy at night though and I'm glad it wasn't anywhere near our room.

They have billiards hall and a mini golf area, one that my son did enjoy a lot. We played a bit of mini golfing while we were there, so it made tons of our time fun and enjoyable. The pools are wonderful too. It provides a phenomenal view of the mountains and the trees that surround the area. It's a great escape from much of the world really and that's one thing that my family and I enjoy a lot.

Bakasyunan Resort Tanay Review

Bakasyunan Resort does have its areas to improve on especially when it comes to food and lodging. Day tour offers a wonderful setting for fun and places to bond but once you stay overnight, the thrill dies out when you are met with food you can actually prepare at home. Anyway, it wasn't all that bad, I had a blast with my family and the nice family time we had is a really wonderful break from work.

Bakasyunan Resort Tanay

Address: Sitio Balimbing, Barangay Plaza Aldea, Tanay Rizal, Tanay, 1980 Rizal

Contact Number: 0922 840 9402