Rizal: Sacramento Valley Resort Review

Going to Tanay, Rizal was yet another adventure for us mostly because we hit up another hiking challenge when we planned to hike up Mt. Batolusong. But, of course, trekking will never be complete after going down for an awesome mountain hike and find a great place to sleep in. In this journey, we booked ourselves into a Sacramento Valley Resort and Adventure Camp. Actually, I just found out about the adventure camp part when we got there.

Sacramento Valley Resort Experience


It's found in a quiet secluded area in Rizal. We did take almost two hours to get from Mt. Batolusong to the Resort but we did make some stops by Daranak Falls before heading to the resort. Anyway, the place is very peaceful, far from the noise of the city traffic and away from the busy life of the city. It's the perfect place for us to sleep in after a nice hike up a mountain.

Sacramento Valley Resort Review


The front desk was all smiles and filled with very welcoming people. It was a good start at the resort to be met with people who smile at you like that especially when you're pretty tired coming from a hiking trip. Anyway, they check us in immediately and was pretty happy that we were graced with people who are welcoming and willing to even help us out with our bags as they escorted us to our room.

Going to our room kind of gave me the feeling of how it was to live in a wooden home. And as I've expected, since the resort did seem pretty old, some of the wooden panels on the floor were creaking, but not to the point that it should bother anybody. I just noticed.


We booked a Narra 2 room. I did expect our room to have the woven bamboo walls but I was very glad it wasn't. Our room had a massive King sized bed in the middle. The room smells like air freshener but it's better than what I would have expected. I thought I would be smelling the olden wood. In the beginning, I had low expectations of the resort but to my surprise, everything seemed fine. The floor was carpeted. Our room was bright and cozy and the air conditioning was perfect. Our room was big and it also had its own sitting area. We had plenty of room to move around and put our stuffs. It also has a balcony with a good view of the trees outside.

They didn't provide any form of toiletries though but it's fine since it's a budget resort, so it wasn't a big issue to us. The bathroom was a bit old but it sure was neat and clean. I was pretty happy with our room. All I needed was a comfortable bed to sleep in and that was enough for me. The balcony also had a seating area where you'd like to have a nice breather while having coffee or a cold iced drink.

Sacramento Valley Resort Review

Food and Dining

This was the only part I didn't like about the Sacramento Valley Resort. They didn't have a restaurant in it at all and neither did they have a shop where you can buy something. You'd have to go to the town proper which is just a 10-minute drive from there. I just wished they had an area where they sell some food to eat, but they do accept advance order for a typical "silog" breakfast that they can deliver to your room. Luckily though, we had already eaten before going to the resort and had food taken away on the way. They didn't have any corkage fee so food was not an issue.


The place had a lot of activities you can do. It has a rock climbing tower, a rope bridge, a billiards hall, a basketball court, and a tennis court. However, these activities are offered for big groups and should be arranged prior to going there. The swimming pool is open until midnight. We didn’t bother to have an evening swim since it was really cold there. I can hear the gentle breeze rustling the trees and it also felt wonderful to have a nice family time.

Sacramento Valley Resort Review

The resort was a hidden jewel and I'm really glad I came across it. It's a nice place to sit and relax and have great dip. We enjoyed our stay in the midst of nature, although I would recommend that they maintain some of those creaking floors and broken floorboards, as well as adding a small shop to buy stuffs. If that happens, then this would have been a prize in heaven. It's a great place to be and will surely love to take a break here again.