Snakes in Mountains: the Close Encounter

When hiking, there are times that you will encounter snakes in mountains. But always remember that we must respect wildlife. If you really want to take a look, just observe them from a distance. Do not follow or approach them.

Here are some of the snakes that I encountered in mountains.​

Snake in Mt. Makiling

Where: Mt. Makiling (Sto. Tomas side)
When: November 13, 2011
Scientific Name: Trimeresurus Flavomaculatus

Snake in Mt. Mantalingajan

Where: Mt. Mantalingajan (Pulanggok Peak)
When: January 24, 2014
Scientific Name: Boiga Cynodon

Snake in Mt. Maculot

Where: Mt. Maculot
When: April 3, 2011
Scientific Name: Python Reticulatus

These are only some of the snakes I encountered in the mountains. I’ve also seen one in Mt. Malarayat during our exploration last May 14, 2011 but I failed to take a photo of it. We also saw one in Mt. Natib last November 27, 2011. 

My fellow climbers, be careful when hiking and again, let’s respect wildlife.

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