Fly to the Sky! Our Tandem Paragliding Experience

tandem paragliding in the philippines

If I could fly, I will fly so high up into the blue sky. 🙂

Two years ago when I first experienced the tandem paragliding. It's one of the things on my birthday month's bucket list last 2014 and I've made it happen. I suddenly want to do it again and this time, I dragged Ed and Wyatt with me so they can experience it too.

My paragliding pilot last 2014 is Olivier (French). Unfortunately, he already went back to France so I contacted his other colleague, Uwe (German). Uwe came with another pilot with him, Primo (Slovenian). I loved how these different nationalities have the same passion / hobby. 

I contacted Uwe and asked him if a 4-year old can already do the tandem paragliding. He said that if a child is more than 20 kg, it is possible. I was so happy to know that since Wyatt is currently 26 kg and he can try another adventure. We availed the weekday rate because it's cheaper than weekends. 

tandem paragliding in the philippines

The little one is getting ready

The weather forecast for the whole third week of November is good, so we scheduled November 15 (Tuesday). Apparently, the real weather that day is the opposite of the forecast. It was raining so hard, but we waited from 8am to 10am if the weather will change. However, the rain poured even more heavily, nonstop until the afternoon. November 16 was sunny so we scheduled November 17 (Thursday) hoping that it will have a good weather.

Tandem Paragliding Experience

Fortunately, the weather last November 17 was good so we were able to push the paragliding event. However, the road was too muddy especially in the last few meters away going to the fly site. We left our car near the nipa hut in the landing area because it can no longer pass on the deep mud; and so we just hopped on Uwe's car going to the take off area.

tandem paragliding in the philippines

This is how the paraglider wing looks like before the take off. Photo taken during my first tandem paragliding in 2014.

tandem paragliding in the philippines

We're flying! Photo taken during my first tandem paragliding in 2014.

Upon reaching the take off area, Primo and Uwe prepared the equipment immediately - the paraglider wing, harness, and helmet. Wyatt Maktrav was the first one to fly together with Primo. After a minute of flying, they couldn't fly high and they were going down until they landed in the open area. Primo called Uwe and he said that their combined weight wasn't enough to fly. So, that's a sad part because Wyatt couldn't do a re-flight. Anyway, Uwe told me that he's just going to charge half for Wyatt. Since Wyatt couldn't go back to the take off area, he just waited for us in the landing area.

After Wyatt and Primo, there's another passenger who did a tandem with Uwe. Their flight is quite long because of the wind. They experienced difficulty in landing. I think, it took them half an hour flying. After them, it's my turn with Uwe as my pilot. 

Just like my paragliding experience two years ago, I also felt nauseous this time. I told Uwe that I feel like I'm gonna throw up. Good thing that I managed to restrain myself from vomiting. After few minutes of flying, we landed safely and my baby Wyatt Maktrav was so happy to see me. Ed was the last to fly, together with Primo.

Paragliding last Thursday. #adventure #paragliding #fly #livelifetothefullest #carpediem

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Tandem Paragliding in the Philippines 

Weekday rates per pax

1 passenger: PhP 2500

2 or more passengers: PhP 2200

Weekend rates per pax

1 passenger: PhP 3500

2 or more passengers: PhP 3200

You can still have a PhP 200 discount if you deposit PhP 500 per pax for slot reservation. That's what we did, so instead of PhP 2200 weekday rate, we only paid PhP 2000 each. 

If you don't have a Go Pro or any action camera, you can rent Go Pro from Uwe for PhP 500. Just bring your own micro SD card. But if you'll be using your own camera, of course there's no charge. 

There is a certificate that will be given to you after your tandem paragliding experience and it's free. 

tandem paragliding in the philippines

After flying, he wants more! Next time again baby.


During the months of November until May, the recommended fly site is located in Carmona, Cavite. If you'll be coming from Manila and you need transportation going to the fly site, Uwe can accommodate up to 3 passengers on his car for a minimal cost. 

For more information, visit Uwe Klein's website:

Email address:

Mobile number: (+63) 0917 888 4513

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