The North Face Mica FL 2 Tent Review

The North Face Mica FL 2

The North Face Mica FL 2 Review

There are numerous tents out there that you can buy for your outdoor ventures, however not all will offer you a high utility value. It is for this reason that I have always ensured that I do a little bit of research prior to spending my hard-earned money. In this way, I do not compromise on quality whatsoever - all factors being constant! I have been backpacking and hiking for a couple of years and my experience with tents is something that strongly alludes to my keen eye for detail.

As a beginner mountain climber, I used to go for tents without thinking twice, and was very sorry for my impaired judgments. Remember, color is not everything because the devil is in the details! If you are looking for a versatile tent as a beginner or seasoned hiker, I can say that The North Face Mica FL 2 is a great choice. This is not only because it comes at an affordable rate, but the very features that offers users.

What really makes The North Face Mica FL 2 stand out?

The North Face Mica FL 2

As stated before, I have been hiking as long as I can remember. I’ve had good times and pretty bad times. One thing that I came to realize is that with an awkward tent with you, you are doomed to have a really bad time. This said, I really liked this tent from the word go, it comes with irresistible features that you cannot overlook.

It offers users a maximum interior space, and because I like big space while out in the wild, The North Face Mica FL 2 did not let me down. The crossing ridge pole is one thing that ensures that users, like me, have no point complaining. I had no issues storing my personal belongings too, and with a dry entrance I could but heap praise on the tent designers.

The North Face Mica FL 2 Tent

Trail Weight

2 lbs 11 oz (1.23 kg)

Floor Area

28 sq ft 

Sleeping Capacity


Vestibule Area

7.5 sq ft 





Stuffsack Size

6" x 19"



Peak Height

38 in (96.5 cm)

Total Weight

3 lbs 7 oz 

This is one of the tents that will actually make it easier for you to enjoy better breathability - the high low ventilation is always a plus for both seasoned hikers and new hikers alike. If you are the kind of person who is bothered by heavy load, this tent will save you lots of energy. Furthermore, with hubbed poles, you are likely to have an easier time setting up the tent for your use.

The double door is something that you are likely to enjoy all the time you are out there camping. Personally, I like double door tents because you will never at any time feel like you are frustrated with space or movement. If you are camping with a comrade, it makes it even easier to coordinate. When I shared a tent with my husband and son a tent that had only one door, there was a big problem - mark you the inside space was small. However, with The North Face Mica FL 2 interior space is never a problem at all and we enjoyed all the time with my cousin. In other words, I had a sense of peace that organizing myself will never be a problem.

The North Face Mica FL 2

Finer details

The North Face Mica FL 2 features are exceptional with finer details meant to draw out the best there is. For instance, I was happy that the manufacturers considered twist clips as these makes setting up tent a walk in the park. Additionally, it is pretty easy to disassemble the tent. You should always be ready for changes in weather patterns, and one of the best ways is to ensure that you use tents that are easy to set up. Basically, you cannot trust the weatherman at all times because on the mountains, different factors play out. It is common for weather to change within seconds.

A fully-tapped bathtub floor is something that makes this tent stand head and shoulder high. And with an exceptional coating, you will have peace whenever there is heavy drizzle. If you are looking for a tent that can help you in regard to taut pitch, this tent comes with a high quality vestibule. Basically, it is worth every single coin you spent. The better part is that the tent offers side pockets where you can place headlamp or something similar. Anything fragile, I placed it in the side pocket and was glad that I had all intact when my camping days were over.

This 2-person tent can be used in 3 seasons without experiencing extreme wear and tear. A minimum trail weight of 3 Ibs 7 oz is great for anyone who is out to have fun, and loathes to be bothered with heavy loads. I am a backpacker and I know how it can be frustrating the must-carry loads that can sometime irritate you when they do not offer high functionality rates.

All in all, The North Face Mica FL 2 is a highly recommended product for those who cherish camping and outdoor activities.

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